Why to avoid specific language in a formal conversation.

Language is a mean of communication between two individuals or parties but there are some languages that are not meant for some formal conversation.

However, in the real sense no language is inferior or Superior to the others. But what enhance it continuous usages is the specific communication needs that it serious and competencies attained by its user over a long period of time which also make it a norm among a well-defined group of users.

It is also time that where two or more speech communities come in contact, a lingua Franca or common language of Communication tends to emerge.

The distortion which Nigerian pidgin has on the standard English is in varying degrees and magnitude.

Looking at this Nigeria pidgin sentence: wetin dey hapun nau one knows that it is a derivative of the standard english equivalent – “what is happening now? Now we see that the expression wetin dey is a distortion of what is “hapun”_is also another distortion of “happening” while nau is a corruption of “now” other example are as follows:

Example- Busy-body which means ” _loquacious
shine your eye means Be smart or clever, wetin I dey Yan which means what am I saying kpafuka is to spoil Olokpa bon that level means police ignore that one wahala means trouble I go halla you means “I will call you”.
E get why, u don chewHave you eaten.

In Nigeria, Some mistakenly use some of this vocabularies in their formal communication in office, business transaction, school and so on.

However, Nigeria student have shown that among the reason why they communicate with such language of pidgin is on reason that

(1) They are a product of their environment.

(2) It is an easier form of communication among them.

(3) To bridge the gap between the literate and illiterate student living within a particular community.

(4) it may serve as an identity in opposition to non-group member especially teachers and adult.

(5) The absence of a widespread proficiency in standard English usage.

Nigeria pidgin is characterized by a simple often anarchic and rudimentary grammatical structure, a severely limited vocabulary and is used for the expression of really basic thought processes.

The above situation is a result of the fact that Nigeria pidgin emerged more as “emergency language for casual, short term linguistic encounter. Hence, it cannot be used to express high-minded thought processes and are usually not anybody’s primary or first language.

Professional, the findings from this study will serve as a useful guide to language planners and policy matter to come up with a policy framework to enrich the effective use of standard English in communication.

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