Future is the state of what happen after a moment of time or season yet to come. What happen to somebody or something within second, minutes, hours, daily, weeks, monthly, or year?


Now, what are the knowledge you need to determine the outcome of the future start from you but their is some key elements that will grow that to a certain level at a go. Which are;

Your association with people can make or mar your future with ease, because it have a lot of influence on someone on the journey to the future. For instance, if Bill Gate is not from the group of programmers? He will not build excellence in all his business outlay.

Hardly can you see anybody in an association with right initiative, empowerment, skills and focus that will not succeed because of the peculiarities and antecedent of such grouping.

You can become whatever you want to become by the seed you sow.

Your future is determine by seed you sow by way of training, seminars attended, values and your growth and development.


Whatever you want to become is predicated on what you have in stock for the future. It is within your preview of choice, to determine the reward of what your work will be. Whatever you are doing, endeavour to do it will all seriousness and diligence so that you can be counted among those with unbeatable records that will impact the generation of those yet unborn.

The future is determined by reaction to mind conception. What you see and how you react to it is in accordance with your brain and mind projection and is a powerful guide for all humanity that aspire to be great and successful in life.


Many people were able to see beyond the ordinary because they allowed connectivity of their brain with their mind coupled with effective utilization of their time.

The master key to unlock your future is always with you. It is a gift from God the creator. But whatever you want to become in life is dependent on your resolve and ability to use the key to open up your future so as to be able to really occupy your rightful position. Know that you are wonderfully made and endowed with special abilities and qualities that are peculiar to you.

The need to be mindful of what you want to do and how to do it beyond the ordinary. Such has elevated the poor from squalor to a very bright future. From grass to grace, from bottom to peak from the merry clay of life to the platter gold of life by Gods grace.


No one has ever achieved anything tangible in life without first hand knowledge or mindset of what to do to achieve it.

Is a stepping stone to a brighter future. According to oxford Advanced learners dictionary is the way two people or group behave between each other or deal with each other. The way two or more people are connected for example the interpersonal skill between marital and physical health.

Associating yourself with the right type of people with proactive mindset bring about a realistic fulfilment of your future dream.

Ilounoh Emmanuel


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