The above question have been a rhetoric one among most young graduate in Nigeria who are undergoing one year of compulsory National assignment or in their final segment of tertiary education.


But be it as it may the question have overtime been table due to fear of the economy situation were no clear hope or plans for these young graduate that have dedicated one year of their lives to extend service to Humanity.


The government actually is not the basis of this writeup but to some of those visionless youth that ask the question.


The question can be really said to be for shadow minded youth that have no plan or direction which have been set even before graduation.


Because the question have made some young graduate to loose daily opportunities because of the need for a white collar job that have no much stress with robust salary which have always be the wishes of an average Nigeria graduate. Because there is this believe of outstanding effect and freedom that comes with it but they are not mindful of the accrued and rapid change that the economy have presented in recent time.


Note, every youth need to understand and welcome the reality to carve a notches for themselves toward financial freedom and security.

The question should not insert fear but rather be fearless to face reality of the economy which is entrepreneurship or having a skill that will promote your self image and uniqueness.


Develop countries of the world have in certain time welcome needs to educate and empower the new generation with skills which they believe is the benchmark of productivity which transcend into economy prosperity. It can be seen in China, England, USA, and so on. Like China have engage and took advantage of their large population size, and technical know-how toward the landmark of productivity and economic growth.


Over the years, an average Nigeria youth always want it the easy way which can cause or pious a danger of the believe system of young graduate that are leaving various institution in the country.

The most important point most young graduate need to know is to face the reality of time and change the mindset that thing will get better in my time. Nothing change with time if the mindset is not change. And to change and face reality is by training yourself to be productive, no one will do that for you if not you. Productivity speak loudly with action while action speak louder than words. You may think that it is not possible but the possibilities is inside you, it is now for you to make it happen, because everyone have what it take as a youth to rebuild a falling nation is just driving the right mean for that.

Always neglect the thought for quick money that is instant gratification, with societal pressure. It is a paralysis that have cripple many youth from realizing what it take to be responsible of their future.

No future that is build on complain but on inner mind to take action to create and re-create something out of nothing.


The question “what next after NYSC” should not be a complain but a reaction to step ahead of what a graduate can imagine.



Ilounoh Emmanuel

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