What causes change in Nigeria education motive.

During our childhood days, there’s is a culture of “go to school” syndrome and also “get a good grade so you can get a good job” but the trend we set in hide an unsaid words.

We grew to the level that is no longer applicable.

The required change from education donot end in theorical studies but practical knowledge of what have been taught

The Nigerian economy is full of educated people but they lack productivity needed by an employer.

Now, the storyline is– what can opt out many from this epidemic of academic clamours toward productivity.

A lot of writers on career development and accomplishment have placed it on creativity.

Creativity is the ability to think, create and provide viable solution to challenges in the community.

The context of our discussion leaves one with a paramount question, “can creativity fill the gap that educational irrelevancy have created in Nigeria?

creativity is necessary in education

Now, this is a question that many would give a “yes” or “No” feedback response but be it as it may, we have subdued the tenacity of impoverishing ourselves with thoughts of a job hunt after rigorous academic attainment but have not risen the feelings that we need practical know-how to actually get the right creativity we need especially when it comes to the marketplace.

A lot of companies and organisations have adapted “internship ” medium as a means to foster and incubate creativity to their intending employee.

That is a situation a prospective employee will be engaged in for a particular period of time with the provision of work ethic and material, rewarded with stipend to build the employee for task ahead.

The question remains, have this achieved the content of creativity? This is a question that you, as the reader needs to reflect on.

My thoughts has been divert on the line of usability of the employee by the employer, In a lay man term the employer capitalizing on the employee which is not right.

However, as a young graduate, you need to know that the shift is real and you need to build self discipline to prove to your surrounding that you have a uniqueness that you want to reach out to the community.

Nigeria cannot take a shape towards workforce improvement/sustainability if this shift is not looked into

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