Excellence is a mandate and is on every individual that have hunger for success

As Orison swett said “Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers, powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionizes his life, if aroused and put into action”.

It is a pitiful sight to see people with so much power within are suffering unnecessary when you are ignorant of the power within you will end up poor, neglected, dejected, marginalized, frustrated, foolish and enfeebled.

On the otherhand, it is impossible to enfeeble or belittle a man that has discovered his inmate power. Anyone that has unleashed his power within is on his/her way to greatness; such a person is in total annex of his/her future successes with unleashing process.

According to Micheal Duke on Unleashing power of excellence make assertion that:

Unleashing Process is to remove the restraining forces that are directed to yourself. We all have insecurities, doubts and fears, but when they become too firmly entrenched in our thought processes we will not perform as we are capable. You may say to yourself “That is good enough” or “that’s just the bests I can do”. Where within these words does excellence exist? Perhaps fear of failure hinders us in our pursuit of excellence. Maybe concerns that others may begin expecting more from us or hold us to higher standard keeps us hunkered down and comfortable in the mediocre middle.

Nobody or situation, no matter how atrocious it can put down a man that has discovered his greatness. Most people are living in asymmetric or in neglect of their powerful side. I am yet to see anything being or thing as powerful as a human being. Our intelligence and power is beyond any other living things on earth.

Other living creature marvel and jitter at the manifestation and suave display of our power.
We are more powerful than we can imagine.

Poverty of the spirit, soul, wealth, and health is a symptom that indicate our power is under used (or utilized)

When you have no idea of the giant within, you will not be able to command much or make a difference in your life. However, when you ascertain your innate power, you will do things that is mind boggling. The giant capacity you will command when you focus all your power and Resource toward your calling will be out of this world.

The problem most people have is the inability to focus.

The power needs focused attention to blossom.

In these days that most people are eager to live in abundance without paying the due price. It is little wonder that the number of great people keep dwindling. The power we have within need patience, concentration, endurance, discipline, and character.

When you can’t patiently focus your power through training and preparation on your calling, you will end up powerless and insignificant.

Start from a step to excellence

There is power in concentration when you focus all your resources on mastering a single area in your life.

And it will help to make you have a direction to succeed.


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