Is no longer a night mare that the Nigerian government have failed to provide the youth with jobs and good lifestyle as yearly many youth leave school in numbers yet always experience this reoccurrences after a year of youth service scheme. The voice of “NO JOB” is on the  increase that have leave a lot of painful mark among youth with a lot of expectation that the family and the society need from them.

However, Some youth who are lucky to get a job have really mess up the integrity that employer would have hold on to prospective ones because of cheat, stealing, mismanagement and selfish mindset of most youthful employee which have landed some in surmountable misery or uncalled mastery of hard quest over time. There is an assertion mostly said about life that “nothing is a coincidence” everything happens for a reason, simply put ,”One reap what you sow.
One reason for unemployment in the country is THE YOUTH ITSELF. I Know you will be asking yourself “Why and how the youth?”

In a practical knowledge when a youth is employed!, there is result expectations from the employer but this days reverse is the case because to some youth is to give them access to loot, steal, display unproductivity, obnoxious attitude and so on.
At the beginning of engagement all they will start to look for extra income through cheat and stealing from the establishment outside their salary, they will not develop passion on the job and embrace the mission of the establishment but how to satisfy their long list of selfish need to meet with societal pressure.
Some employer would say if a Nigeria youth is looking for a job, they will set their faces like all “hope is lost” but as soon as you employ them they will begin to siphoning the profit of the business (that is, money) through evil and dubious means, so as to have extra money outside the monthly salary and purchase items they should not afford at that point in time. Neglecting the saying “Cut your cloth according to your cloth”. Take for instance, a retail Supermarket employed over 10 staffs located in Festac, it close down due to non profitability and  selfish activities of the employee like taking items without purchasing it, stealing from any source available, and increasing expenditure over the business revenue. Of course, we all would know what will be of the business, all of a sudden the best supermarket in the whole Amuwo Odofin, festac, was shut down because of some youth selfish interest. Now, most of ungrateful employees that has closed down this supermarket will start afresh looking for another job to crumble. You see!!! They have killed job opportunities that this retail supermarket would have offered the next set of job seekers.

Now the question is: when will Nigeria youth stop this evil practices and change these obnoxious attitude at workplace in other not to shut down opportunity for the next job seekers. Is a question every youth engage on a job should always reflect on in other not to go down on regrets and pointing accusing finger on ill treatment of the employer.
However, some will point hand on the government without knowing that the country is populated and the government cannot engage all but a faction, that is why we have a mixed economy of private and government control which is the youth current attitude that can increase a chance for the next person to be employed. You should not be in a job to kill the vision of that job but promote it to gain more access to profitability.
Mr Jenna Bourgeois, the chairman Dynamics intelligence stated on his Facebook page about Nigerians as employees, and this is what he wrote
” Effective immediately, we will be closing our operation in Nigeria. Over the last year, we have faced numerous examples of employees and contractors extorting the company. While we kept giving Nigerians a chance to gain skills and employment, we cannot run a company when we cant trust the people who work for us. Any company interested in conducting business in Nigeria can reach out to us to learn how to avoid being scammed by technical resources. It is a kick in our face that we spent so much time trying to give Nigerians the benefit of the doubt to have this happen. Customers who wish to outsource, are well advised to seek an Indian owned company for best results.

The current youth who are engage to a job should learn to rekindle the hope for our future job seekers, because if we continue with this obnoxious habit and attitude toward an establishment, it will really back fire and kill many potential and careers goals.

Also, we should change this attitude to work to make the environment healthy for the next person to work without the employer having an embedded fear on a country with effective workforce.

Chijioke illoanugo

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