The effect of street trading among children in Nigeria

Street trading is engaging in frequent buying and selling of commodities on the street, away from home usually in search of quick profit. This type of trading has been identified among children.

A child subjection to work away from home

Street trading is concievably an economic practice whereby the child is subjected to work away from home, so as to aid in the provision of mean of survival for the family.

The most pressing reason often adduced for any child to trade on the street is the need to engage the child in contributing to the reduction of poverty to the greatest possible extent of the family in which he is living and to help him to satisfy his basic needs. However, I will say that poverty is the main factor that characterize the nature of abuse and neglect of children in Nigeria.

Before now, many scholars, writers and institution have hinted on the side effect of street trading. Street trading has been linked to other key obstacle to economic and social development. Street trading affect many children because it exploit them, deprive them of their basic right and often expose them to ill treatment.

Most street trader are girls due to economic disadvantage of the parent.

Most Street girl fall victim of bad consequences;
Parents should be careful.

Now, most girl that are exposed to street trading later fall victim of rape and deceit on the street even to the extent of leading some to prostitution and some bad attitude seen in youth of today

….Goe to our writeup on: bad attitude of today youth and get more understanding of the concept………which replicate human slavery.

Accompanying the prostitution practice is the physical, mental and emotional battering of young girls who had been forced into prostitution by their own poverty-stricken parent who sold them for money without any provision of education. The major physical repercussion of street trading is prostitution.

Street trading increased level of mal-nourishment among the children who engage in the act. It encourage under age prostitution and incidence of unwarranted early Parenthood in the category of under aged children.

Parent should realizes the need for quality life on individuals, the obligation to limit their family size to available resources. It is the duty of families and societies to work toward bringing into the world only children that they have resources to fully protect and support.

Street trading children should be regarded as special children of peculiar background and peculiar needs who are characterize by peculiar deprived socio-economic characteristics for which compensatory corrective provision must be made as solution of ameliorating street children deprived condition.

There is no doubt that the wide spread poverty in Nigeria, worsened by chronic economic depression, debt burden, and unfavourable socio-economic policies has effected children more than any other group in a country.

Hence, in Nigeria, Many children are subjected to street trading yet the care for children should be able to sustain society’s concern and benefit maximally from it capacities in good times and bad times, in normal times and in times of emergency, in times of prosperity and in times of austerity.

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