This is a practice that is customary on tradition of some communities for young girls in the age bracket between 0 – 15. It is a procedure that involve partial or complete removal of the external female genitalia. The practice is considered harmful to girls and women and a violation of human right. Despite the change experience in global technology some communities till practice this ill act on the alter of keeping to tradition neglecting the medical implication that most of this girls face along the way, it is medically said that girl that undergoes genital mutilation faces infertility, maternal death, infection and loss of sexual pleasure among other.

The practice is mostly carried out by traditional circumcisers, without proper knowledge of human anatomy or medicine, but without the precept of what the culture is saying about it, some believe that tradition demand a girl to be purify not to face the insanity of the land so they will not go against the tenet of tradition without understanding it is causing short life spam for them because when they get to certain developmental stage. They will want to feel the desire for sexual pleasure which they must have lost during the local circumcision process.

Due to large population of Nigeria in Africa, she has the highest rate of female genital mutilation issues even though it have be crop up by many communities but not all even in this informative age some community see it as a normal thing for a girl to be circumisize which is improper. In the northern part of Nigeria, a girl can undergoes genital mutilation on ground that goes with the local tradition that guide that community not on the ground of religion because I believe in both Quaran and the Bible it is not written anywhere to encourage female mutilation rather it mute or discourage it in entirely basically what prompt for genital mutilation is the uncalledful act of traditionalist to make sure the girl are always sacred when it comes to thing that have to do with tradition but what is appalling is the method which this is done is really disgusting.

A situation a girl sexual part is cut or tempered on the alter of purification and sanctification that is really evil because is an indirect way of defiling a girl or killing a opportunity to be a mother. The case is very low in the south and East of Nigeria because of massive penetration of civilization on the early missionary and protestant on sweeping away nefarious tradition practice which genital mutilation is part of the process, for instance, formerly in Igbo land where the judiciary arm of governance which is Amadioha’ is always for a need of purify girl so they believe a girl who is purify must be circumcise and a lot of parent actually want their daughter to be seen pure by the gods/goddesses as the case may be. But the welcome trend of change wave away the practice but some communities will do some of it particle to fulfil the act of tradition.

Despite the graveness of the issue the practicing societies look on it as an integral part of their tradition and cultural identity which is with misconception on the need to totally eradicate it entirely. However, female genital mutilation is associated with ethnicity, Culture, prevailing social norms and sometimes as religion obligation but depend on the believe of the sect toward the worship of that religion.

Some International and National bodies have over the past decades agitated for end of the practice, like the circumcision descendent association of Nigeria (CDAN) a group whose member perform the act in Nigeria assemble themselves to spread the danger associated with the ill act to societies that till associate themselves with such tradition to pull it away to safeguard young girl in the community. They create sensitization programs and economic opportunity for those who perform the mutilation.The recent multiple indicator cluster survey (Mics 2016-2017) show some decline in the incidence of female genital mutilation in Nigeria. However UNICEF and partner are on intervention to ensure the elimination of this nefarious act by 2030 has resulted in a break in the barrier against discussing it in public.

But one thing is that despite the decline million of girls and women are till faced with scourge of genital mutilation in Nigeria that is why this writeup is a wakeup call for an urgent need for decision makers to take concrete action.

Ilounoh Emmanuel

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