The quest for instant money have made some youth to join the wagon of yahoo business popular known as yahoo! yahoo!!. The actor known as yahoo boys/girls.

The scam activities of this actor who are mostly youth on age of 18 to 40 years in Nigeria have overtime empty the pocket of their victim within and outside the shore of Nigeria. The yahoo activities started from letters then graduated with faxes and now social media platform and emails.

Some youth who have been caught on this activities have always pointed it to hard situation of the country so they go into it to survive the economy, because most of them are graduate and are not able to secure a job and discard the relevant to seek a skill in a particular problem area of the economy. In the height of a tough situation of the Nigeria economy left on some of these youth have made them to rigorously search for who to fall victim of their trap without looking at the aftermath because the sweetness of instant gratification without understanding the side effect attach to it.

Economic financial crime commission (EFCC) the body that regulate and monitor the activities of internet scam artist in Nigeria have overtime brought up various measure to crop out the activities of this yahoo scams.

In Nigeria, the youth who involve in this activities always want to help liberate their families from financial difficulty rather than developing themselves to face the realities for creation/accumulation of wealth that will be of benefit in the future not duping someone to make money but making money with their skills and abilities because everyone have what it take to be wealthy, if the formula is rightly put in place.

The need for luxurious living and sweet things of life have drive a lot of youth to this act, some join because they want to liberate the family from poverty. Some youth have always attribute that they venture into this act because of the kind of family they came out from have always been on lack or non availability of wants and resources of life especially a situation a family were one child eventually scale through school and yet do not see the outcome and benefit of his input in academic, he/she will put effort for a quick rescue mission to accelerate the family from financial burden through instant gratification which yahoo activities is a part of it.

But, what some of the youth misunderstand is that they can build wealth creativity skills and make impact to their environment without indulging on scam activities.

Patience and having consistency in one particular thing that is a yardstick that will create a remarkable improvement that will result to excellent.

More youth need to understand, rethink and reconsider indulging in this scam activities but rather venture into meaningful activities that can change the Nigeria society despite the challenges we are facing in the country.

Ilounoh Emmanuel


  1. Joy mercy November 4, 2019 Reply

    Thank you for this
    Him that have ear let him hear

  2. Ifeanyi November 4, 2019 Reply

    You say the truth
    May God save us from their hands

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