In my initial post, I talked about the relationship between the coronavirus, 5G network and the RFID. And the previous post was divided into two categories: Then the First post talked about the source of the coronavirus and why it was created. if you want to know more about that you can check it out at RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CORONA VIRUS, 5G NETWORK, AND THE RFID. The second post was talking about the generations of all mobile networks and why the coronavirus is related to the 5G network, if you want to know more about this, go to RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CORONA VIRUS, 5G NETWORK AND THE RFID (Part 2). So, in today’s post, we are going to emphasize more on the RFID and its relationship with the Coronavirus and the 5G network.

So, what’s RFID?

RFID is the acronym of Radio-Frequency Identification which uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The RFID chip composes of the following

  • Tiny Radio receiver
  • Tiny Radio transponder and
  • Tiny Radio transmitter.

So How does this work?

When an RFID tag gets in contact with a particular panel device (RFID reader) emitting radio waves that it understands, it receives the signal via the radio receiver, then after that, it interprets and responds to the signals via the radio transponder and after that, it sends back a radio wave signaling the particular information to the panel device (RFID reader) via the radio transmitter and in turn helps the panel device reads what’s in front of it. An example of this description is barcode on a particular product and the infrared scanning machine. Once the barcode is exposed to the radiation of the scanning machine, it sends the signal of the product to the scanning machine, making it able to identify which product is in front of it.

As stated initially in the previous writeup on the Coronavirus, 5G, and RFID that the era of the mobile devices will soon be gone and done away with, all the android and iPhone you carry will no longer of the great use anymore.

All the information and data about you will all be in that RFID chip including your bank details and your health status.

I remember watching a commercial, showing a man wearing a mafia jacket, storm a grocery store and bean shopping after he finished picking the items he needed he storm towards the exit door. I was amazed to see him head to the exit without going to the cashier to pay for what he bought, then I saw an attendant running towards him and I had a feeling the attendant will hold him back and tell him he has to pay for his goods. but what I saw next shocked me, the attendant simply gave him his receipt indicating he has already paid for his goods. so just by him grabbing the products he needs, there are signals collecting his bill and linking it to his bank for quick transactions without him going to the cashier and making his payment. This is how the RFID and the 5G network world will look like.

And this is not good, because at some point in life you may need some privacy, so you can decide to switch off your phone or browsing data so no one can communicate to you or track you. But with the implementation of the 5G network, you can’t switch it off, you can’t switch yourself off because you are now the next generation of mobile devices, you don’t have privacy to your details anymore and therefore your freedom is being taken away.

And there are conspiracies that the main reason for the lockdown of all the countries all over the world is not primarily the coronavirus but is to shut down the banking system. They want to shut down the banking system that deals with cash and they want to go fully into a cashless society. I believe the one-world government will operate with a unified cashless policy, and that’s where the 5G and the RFID chip come in. with this cashless society, they know all bank transactions you have done, from the little transactions that happen in a little kiosk selling sweets to huge contracts between companies.   No transactions will be of private because with this 5G and RFID chip the government will have control over your money.

What’s really surprising is the very fact that while the world declared lockdown, the telecommunication companies are laying pipes and mounting 5G network poles.

The questions thats in my mind is:

  • Are those that lay the 5G networks essential workers?
  • Why are the telecommunication network companies so much in a haste to mount this 5G network?
  • What’s about this 5G network that the telecommunication companies don’t care about the lives of those working to put the 5G network in place?

But also come to think of it, they have been laying pipes and mounting masts for previous networks like 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. but no one is really talked about them when they were mounted. But one of the greatest thing that catching people attention is the fact that while there’s a lockdown, while no one should work, they are secretly mounting 5G network poles everywhere, do you see that there more to this 5G that meets the eye.

As they say, 5G is the future. Of a truth. It is the future, there’s nothing anyone can do about it, some people are saying they will stop them from mounting it, but these telecommunication companies have serious connections with the government, these people are smart, you cant stop them.

There are different kinds of eras that has occurred and will occur on the earth.

  • The era of numbers
  • The era of information.
  • The era of data.

In the ere of numbers, the top governments, companies, and politicians were interested in how many people are in a community, what’s the number of people in a particular village. So, through that, they can know who is great and who is the underdog

In the era of information, top governments, companies are very much interested in information, the information to study about a particular location, information of study about the kind of individual living in a particular region, information about the needs of a particular region so they use their needs, create a product and services and sell their goods to those communities or country.

But now in the data era, its more than just having information, the data era is an advanced form of the information era, it now deals with data of each individual in a particular region, they don’t just know the numbers and information of people living in a particular region. But they will know who you are? What you love to do, what are your hobbies, what you hate, your profession, etc. they will know you so intimately. [Tweet “And with this data, they will manipulate you to do what they want you to.’] You can imagine knowing what’s in the mind of the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with, how you use that information to manipulate the person to love you more, that how the data era looks like. The government will use this tool of RFID and the 5G network as a tool to manipulate the whole country to do what they want them to do, all because of wealth and authority.

…… the 5G network and RFID will work and even in a greater dimension.

The question now is this:

  • How will they want to achieve this?
  • How will they make you the next generation of mobile phones?

They can achieve this by saying that the only way to escape this coronavirus is to take the vaccine, and they may tell you what the vaccines may contain, they may not tell you. Then they will promise you that not only will this vaccine protect you from the virus, but it will make you resistant to all manner of diseases, and you will be immortal. They will promise you that you will not die from any disease anymore with this vaccine containing the RFID chip, and anyone that doesn’t want to collect this vaccine is a threat to society. They will promise easy life with this technology and peace will reign in the world with this 5G and RFID chip, but they all lied because there will be no peace at all and life will not be easy at all.

So, this is the real information that will be unfolded as time passes by.

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