Overtime many of us have known MONEY to be only mean of exchange of either visible or invisible goods or services, ignoring the fact that there are OTHER means of exchange that equate what money can buy.

Simply put that what money can buy, the power of right relationship can buy that too. Because a wise investment of relationship is an easy access point to favour.

We live in a communal concept where people are a major factor for exchange, interaction and habitation. And have taught us that living in a life of isolation that is where you have to buy everything for yourself is prone to a lot of issue like depression, low self esteem and the like but some writers have argue that this law is factional, but left one with thought that no matter how factional to it, Grace till abound to everyone though some writers encourage Networking that is people to people interacting to create a community of ecosystem. But some forget to echo the concept of building a wall of relationship, because when one network without a proper relationship is like an unfinished product found in the marketplace.

The relationship one create now transcend to a like of currency if properly built with the right people because laying us block on wrong relationship is gear toward regret and heart broken.

We learnt from a lot of testimonial on how the power of relationship transcend to currency in peoples lives. However these relationship is build on heathy and wise investment because no matter what is an amazing content from time to come.

Ilounoh Emmanuel


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