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The economical mindsets of Nigerians are crumbling via various attitudes and characters. This poor economic mindset started long time ago and if we don’t do something about it, we as Nigerians will keep going down in greatness. let us all acknowledge this poor economic mindset has eaten up the resources of our nation and be wise to put away all these mindsets that we have learned in the past and embrace a renewed mindset that will boost the economy of this great country Nigeria.

The following are mindsets that deteriorate the economy of Nigeria.

(1) DEBT

debt jiokcareers
This is the Nigeria business for you, as the saying goes


If they don’t owe you then you aren’t in business.


This is a big problem in Nigeria today, What Nigeria calls a business in most cases is by collecting commodities without paying. They keep collecting commodities without paying for it. They keep giving excuses saying there’s no money at hand, they will pay on so and so date, meanwhile, they are busy growing their business, but they forget that there’s a God that rewards everyone according to your deeds, their business may not be affected, but definitely somewhere in their lives something is missing, either they are not happy or stubborn children or diseases, etc.


This is another name for 419. They tell you when you pay, you will receive the goods, but after you have paid, they will disconnect from you. This is a common practice in Nigeria.

Those that engage in 419 business always see themselves as wise, smarter and intelligent than their victims, but meanwhile, they just made themselves of no trustworthy to their victims,

the only reason why the victim fell for their tricks is not that he’s not smart and intelligent,

but because they trust them.

Being smart and being trustworthy are two separate entities. When you keep breaking your promises because you think you are smart you are declining your trustworthiness, this will, in turn, lead to a decline in the economy of the country, in the long run, because people will start getting information at how untrustworthy you are and no one will do business with you any longer.


This will come as a shock to people when you lend money to people so as to get interested, this will lead to a decline in the abundance mentality.

This is a sin in the Bible, and of course, this will lead to a poor mindset. When you give someone money, don’t expect anything in return. This is called an abundance mindset. And Jesus said

when you give don’t expect anything in return and your heavenly Father will reward you.

And I believe the reward is having abundant blessings and ideas in your mind, which will lead to more finances in your life and communities.


pride jiokcareers
This is a common trait with a lot of Nigerians especially if they have a lot of financial fortunes.

Pride is feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements,

the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions

that are widely admired.

I saw another definition of pride which is also called fulfillment. Seeing this definition really changed my mind about how proud I was, I never knew the degree at which I was proud until I saw the meaning of pride.

Do you know that when you do something wonderful and you have a sense of fulfillment and pleasure, that’s pride? This is what I learned.
Pride is not just a sense of fulfillment but taking the glory of another person calling it your own.


One of the most common causes of a company folding up is pride in the midst of the board of directors.

Someone makes a bad decision that will bring the company down and wants it to be executed at all cost because he is the MD CEO, no one can give him a piece of advice, whether he is wrong or right, but because of pride as the head, all his decision must be executed not minding that the lifeline of his company is at stake via his wrong decisions.


I hear allot people talk in a negative manner all the time just for laughter, comedy, friendship etc.


I have a friend, any time I state a bad Condition am passing through, he will always reply “my own bad pass” “your own no reach my own“. All these things lead to a poverty mindset you aren’t aware of. You are saying a negative thing about yourself so as to crack jokes.

In most cases when one asks his friend for money and he doesn’t want to give him for some reason, he will reply ‘I don’t have money” meanwhile there allot of money there… Just so as to discard the friend, the words of your mouth are powerful, they make things come to pass, if you are in the same condition, you can say:


I have money but the amount I have budgeted can’t cater to what you asking me for.

or you just say plainly I have but can’t give if you don’t want to give.


Always speak the truth.

Some people mistake lies for faith.. e.g. they are very sick, instead of acknowledging their sickness they will be saying I am well.

Everybody that got healed by Jesus acknowledges their sickness and asked the healer of all sickness to heal them, and they received their healing.

If you want to exercise your faith when you are sick you should say,


This sickness may be draining me, but God is able to deliver me.

That’s how to exercise faith not saying I am well, meanwhile you are dying, this is more like a lie than calling such Faith.
Be careful with the words that come out of your mouth as this can affect the state of your mindset.


This is the common among upcoming youth, it’s at this age that experience should be Paramount and not the salary. But unfortunately, it’s the other way round, youth are more concerned about money than experience, they are looking for fast and quick money, all these kind of wealth doesn’t make you rich, they only make you poorer on the inside, one can have wealth in a quick way and still remain poor.

If a poor minded man is given N1,000,000 he will finish the money in d long run, but if a wealth minded man is given N100,000 he will grow the money to N100,000,000.

A wealthy minded man is full of all kinds of ideas, experience and wisdom gotten

through practice, reading, advice from those ahead of him.

This is what youths should be looking at. Experience is what’s needed for the development of oneself, you can get this by either personal or from others. It’s very important for youths to get experience from the ones ahead of them and not money because if those ahead of you 30 years to be who they are today when they advise you based on their experience you will Dodge a lot of mistakes and obstacles that hindered and delayed the success of those ahead of you, with this knowledge you will not just be greater than those ahead of you, you will get to greater heights in lesser time than those ahead of you. This is what makes the economy of a country grow faster, learning from those higher than you and doing better.
Don’t let money be the priority, let experience be at your front mind and door. This is how the poor mindset that eating up Nigeria can be prevented.


comparison jiokcareers
This is what has made a lot of youth not knowing their self-worth. They keep comparing themselves with other people, they want to have what other people have, they want to do what other people are doing.

Nobody is the same, everybody is uniquely made for specific purposes. Your work on Earth is not to compare yourself with others and start living a fake life or normal life, but to seek God and search for who you are and what you are.

How to know you living a fake life is:


  • If you do what everybody is doing.
  • You go to the place everybody goes to.
  • You do the same thing everybody does.
  • You like the same thing everybody does.
  • You enjoy what everybody enjoys.

The Bible says John the Baptist didn’t drink wine, but Jesus drank wine, why was that because they both knew their mission on Earth and they were unique in all their area of expertise, they didn’t say let me copy what the other was doing, they came and performed their task and left the earth.

My question is

  • Do you know who you are?
  • Do you drink wine because everybody does?
  • Do you abstain because everybody does?

If your answer is yes, then you are living a fake life.

Now, the reason I can say John didn’t drink wine was because his job was to seek God strongly in the desert and bring back the relationship between the Father(God) and his children (Israel) and Jesus manifested that to draw sinners (Israel) back to God, he mingled with sinners and drank wine with them as a way to relate to them.
The main thing is don’t compare yourself to others, seek God to direct your life.



This is what is common to a lot of people with poor mindsets they show off. They make little money, they are showing off. Some don’t even have anything to offer, but they behave like the whole world is dependent on them.


Jesus said when you give, don’t let your left hand know what your right hands are doing.


A lot of people will see a poor fellow begging on the street, the first thing they do is to bring out their phone and not money, they turn on the camera and start interviewing the beggar asking various questions about their past life till where they are now, then after that, they will bring out money and give the beggar, and the beggar starts crying and shouting saying God bless you! God bless you!!. After that, they switch off the camera, go to social media and post the video to receive comments from friends saying you are blessed, God will reward you, etc. I want to let you know that you have received your reward but not from God, as Jesus stated because your mission is for people to see and not for God to see. This is called a poverty mindset

Showing off is also know as pride and this will lead to scarcity mindsets.

If you understand what you read or you learned somethings comment below on what you understand and dont understand. And if you havent read POOR ECONOMIC MINDSET OF NIGERIAN (PART 1) and POOR ECONOMIC MINDSET OF NIGERIANS (PART 2), read them so you will have your mind renewed and become a great financial and economic person.

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