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NEWS UPDATE: Zambia’s President-elect lauds Commonwealth’s role in peaceful election

NEWS UPDATE: Zambia’s President-elect lauds Commonwealth’s role in peaceful election

President of the Republic of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, has credited quiet surveys to jobs played by the Commonwealth under the authority of its Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland.

In a meeting with writers at the Commonwealth on Tuesday, he reviewed how his delivery was gotten by the Commonwealth Secretary General in 2017 just as her work that settled Zambia.

Hichilema said he was detained on exaggerated accusations, yet was delivered in 2017 after the mediation of the Commonwealth Secretary-General.

“Patricia Scotland didn’t surrender. The Commonwealth didn’t surrender as they returned before the political decision”, despite the fact that the circumstance didn’t improve before she left in 2018.

Hichilema said Zambia was stood up to with various political and social difficulties of absence of regard to law and order, savagery and non-regard for basic liberties which the Commonwealth invested a lot of energy to address.

According to him, there was no political space, and no opportunity for Zambians to partake in their public government through equitable instruments around then, adding that administration didn’t permit enlistment of voters.

He kept up with: “I’m discussing issues of brutality, local area political viciousness that should have been managed. I’m discussing citizen register, elector data set that should have been considered to be reasonable and to keep attempting to assist with building peace.

Meanwhile, in an assertion of fortitude for the introduction of Hichilema, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of countries praised the jobs played by Zambia’s new President, Hakainde Hichilema and his archetype, Edgar Lungu in the fruitful direct of the country’s Presidential political decision, saying there was no failure between them except for two winners.

She offered her salutation to individuals of Zambi and the pair of Hichilema and Lungu saying the political decision would stand out forever as a political race without any washouts, yet two winners.

“Zambia’s “marvelous” 2021 political race would stand out forever as a political decision without any failures, however two champs – President Hichilema who won the vote, and President Lungu who won the hearts of each individual who loves vote based system and harmony by an elegant popularity based exchange of administration and stretching out his loving hand to President Hichilema.” Scotland said in an assertion,” she said.

The official political race that carried Hakainde Hichilema to influence was led on August 12, 2021.

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