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NEWS UPDATE: Uche Aniagboso: Enugu House of Assembly and limit to legislative rascality

NEWS UPDATE: Uche Aniagboso: Enugu House of Assembly and limit to legislative rascality

Since the month of September 2021, the Enugu province House of Assembly has been harassing the province Ministry building of Lands and Urban Evolution, together with the Enugu Working capital Territory Evolution Authorization (ECTDA).

According to the House of Assembly, it is carrying out its statutory legislative oversight function and wants the Ministry building and the Agency to create all their account details, cash receipts, and every shape of financial documents for forensic auditing.

The House of Assembly went farther to accuse the ministry building and the agency of extorting money from the full general public and scaring absent investors in Enugu Province, hence it resorted to the inordinate probe of the ministry building and agency which it started wrongly by employing media trial of the Executive arm of the province regime.

Ordinarily, the House of Assembly’s precipitous wake from its comatose slumber would not have elicited whatever ire, apart from for the suspected hidden agenda of the House which the ECTDA had accused of employing arm twisting tactics to extort the agency, same as the Ministry building of Lands have subbed over the behind the stage demand of the leaders of the House of Assembly that shield themselves with what it called a special probe Panel.

The people of Enugu province would be rattling happy to hear that the (s)elected members of the province House of Assembly have at present stood upward to assert themselves and live to their responsibleness and stopped acting as rubber stamps of those who selected them. This is an Assembly populated by some members whose backgrounds are in scrutiny, with the bulk fitting members because of one allegiance or the other.

Highly placed members of Enugu community had within this twelvemonth accused the province House of Assembly, especially the so called Special panel of existence responsible for the expiry of the former commissioner for Transportation, Primary Mathias Ekweremadu, who slumped and died before the panel before this twelvemonth. Is the special panel looking for some other fellow member of the Executive council to ‘kill’ as good?

Some of these things are what members of the public would have overlooked but because the House of Assembly has decided to dance bare in the market place square, spectators have hence gathered to view their macabre boogie of expiry. Take for instance, the House’s insensitivity to the deaths by kidnap, rape and terrorism of the Fulani herdsmen in the province and was unable to enact a law that will forestall such deaths and devastation of crops and asset until the Executive arm had to compel the house to do that, yet the House was not ashamed that it could not add together or subtract whatever clause in the executive bill but passed it as presented in a speed of visible light.

Getting downwardly to existent issue of undue intimidation and harassment of the executive arm of the province, an agency such as Enugu Working capital Territory with its busy schedules left its huge, immense work and have twice honoured the House of Assembly invitations, yet all the Heads of the Departments of the Assembly that left their tedious works were turned dorsum because the Chairman of the ECTDA did not accompany the HODs. Is that not suggestive of the hidden Agenda of members of the House, whether it was the forensic probe that was the existent issue, is it the Chairman that keeps accounts or documents of a ministry building or agency? Did the investigation of the House of Assembly indict the Chairman of ECTDA, requesting that he personally maintain a date with the ‘expiry probe panel’ and he did not do so? Why is the House so specific in relation to dragging the Chairman of ECTDA and the commissioner for Lands to its House of no homecoming alive?

The House of Assembly instead of joining hands with the Executive subordinates to scrap the extortion going on in the local regime councils in the guise of what they termed ‘Evolution levies’ and ‘Youth Empowerment’ have rather decided to aggravate and circumvent it because senior members of the House of Assembly are direct actors, beneficiaries and a physical process through which they used undeservedly to climb to their nowadays echelon. How does local regime collection of evolution levy develop Enugu province or collection of Youth Empowerment levy from dry land buyers empower the youths of Enugu province? It was Primary Jim Nwobodo who said in 1983 that Eziokwu ga aputaife (Truth will sure enough prevail).

It is longer tidings in Enugu province that some political gladiators from Enugu east senatorial district, presently in the corridors of powerfulness, are nursing the ambition of succeeding Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in the 2023 governorship election. Such aspirants include the Speaker of the House of Assembly, the Commissioner for Lands and the Chairman of ECTDA. Could this be the reason the House leadership is using its available weapon to dangerously destroy perceived opponents or is the political opponents of the Governor that are using the House members to attain their 2023 conspiracy against the executive arm in the province?

How can the House of Assembly be pointing fingers and accusing bystanders of dry land grabbing whereas the House is really in the hands of masters of the human activity who perfected dry land grabbing right from their cradle. What is the business of Enugu Working capital Territory on dry land allotment or dry land grabbing? A burden of proof lies on the accuser, hence the House should come up out clearly to proper noun the investors that were scared absent by this executive subordinate whose agency is fifty-fifty domiciled in the business office of the Executive Governor of Enugu province. Is this not a direct indictment on the Governor himself? Have the House members who claim to be lawmakers read the acts establishing the Enugu working capital Territory? This is the reason misfits are the existent dangers of whatever society, especially when armed with constituted powers.

It is on tape of the executive arm that all the members of the House of assembly who were freely allocated spacious plots of dry land at Diamond layout and Golf game Annex have no approbation for their buildings and paid no premium on the dry land allocations. These are members who prefer to obstruct waterways by building their structures to inhibit unloose flow of drainage, yet the executive arm overlooks them. These lawmakers have really constituted themselves into lawbreakers and there is a boundary to every rascality. So how come up that these stubborn members of the House seize with teeth fingers that feed them? The House of Assembly has no dubiousness bitten to a greater extent that it can chew and the time to tame the Enugu province House of Assembly is at present.

Primary Aniagboso lives in Uwani-Enugu

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