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NEWS UPDATE: Tordue Salem: Reactions trail five questions police failed to answer on death, corpse recovery

NEWS UPDATE: Tordue Salem: Reactions trail five questions police failed to answer on death, corpse recovery

Reports of the recovery of the remains of Vanguard reporter, Henry Tordue Salem and the arrest of the alleged killer is currently triggering reactions from concerned Nigerians who have alleged that the Nigeria Law Strength has left many questions unanswered in their narrative regarding the recovery of the journalist’s body.

DAILY POST recalls that the Benue-born journalist who was declared lost on Oct 13 was according to the constabulary, found dead on Thur.

Less than 24 hours after his remains were discovered, the constabulary on Fri disclosed that one Itoro Clement who happens to be a commercial driver in charge of a Toyota Camry 2014 model with registration number, BWR 243 DK was arrested for allegedly hitting the reporter to decease with his vehicle.

According to a statement by the Strength spokesman, Frank Mba, the suspect, during an interrogation, “stated clearly that same daytime Henry Tordue Salem disappeared, he had a hit-and-run incident somewhere around Mabushi – Wuse interchange.

“That accident reportedly happened at in relation to 10 pm. The driver stated that after knocking downwards an unknown pedestrian, he did not halt and continued his journeying, and straight off ended upwards his activities that daytime. He drove his vehicle to ‘Good Friends’ garage where he ordinarily parks his vehicle every nighttime for a fee”.

The forcefulness PRO farther explained that upon the suspect’s confession, some detectives moved to the Full general Infirmary that covers that area, stressing that after a lot of painstaking search by the operatives, a body believed to be that of Henry Tordue Salem was found at in relation to 11:20 am at Wuse Full general Infirmary morgue.

Nevertheless nonetheless, some citizens of the country who spoke with DAILY POST in Abuja, (not limited to those quoted below), expressed doubts on the constabulary account leading to the uncovering of the corpse, saying the constabulary ” left key questions unanswered.”.l

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Some of the recurrent questions are:

1. A radio presenter in Bwari Area Council in Abuja, Mr Kenneth asked, “what was the journalist doing at Mabushi at 10 pm, where was he coming from and where was he going at that odd hr?

According to Kenneth, the constabulary needs to expatiate to a greater extent on the reporter’s movements to uncover what took him to the scene of the reported incident. He stressed that until to a greater extent facts emerge, the current written report is “not appealing”.

2. Miss Janet, a resident of Lugbe, demanded to know “who took the body of the journalist to the morgue; was it a ghost who took him there or the corpse took itself to the mortuary?

“This sounds so suspicious. Does it signify that the individual who took the body to the mortuary has not heard or read from whatever tidings platform that a individual was lost? Did he or she fifty-fifty written report the incident to whatever law enforcement agency? I sense there are questions that demand to be answered”.

3. A civil retainer who preferred anonymity, asked, “How can they tell us that the said Full general Infirmary just deposited the body without proper documentation? Did they just drib the body at the morgue and walk absent?

“I perceive something fishy. We are too intelligent for this type of story. They should create a proper investigation or smoothen their story really good.”

Recall that the forcefulness spokesman also said that “physical and positive identification including an ID card issued by Vanguard Newspapers identifying him as Henry Tordue Salem and a staff and a temporary ID card from the National Assembly identifying him as a fellow member of the House of Reps, Press Corps were recovered from the corpse on Thur by the constabulary.

4. Reacting to the identity uncovering, some other respondent, Mr Kolawole asked, “Are they telling the public that the mortuary attendant didn’t take the clothe from the corpse to launder it? How come up he was unable to acquire the ID cards since in relation to a month agone until the constabulary went there on Thur?

Kolawole, alleged that the entire story looks somehow, stressing that the disputation surrounding the decease must be properly investigated to ascertain the existent cause and to uncover the perpetrators.

5. A businesswoman, Mrs Terwase who spoke to our correspondent from Benue Province, asked, “the suspect arrested must have killed someone with his vehicle as existence reported but how are we certain that the individual his vehicle knocked downwards was really the lost reporter?

“Whether they can’t tell us how the body was taken to the morgue, and so it agency they don’t know where he died. The hit-and-run driver must have knocked downwards a criminal, not Mr Salem. How can your motorcar striking someone and his phone will just hang on your vehicle and would not autumn downwards despite the speed until you arrive at your destination? They should come up upwards with fresh details. We can’t take this one”.

Similarly, Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue Province on Fri expressed appal over the “precipitous and mysterious recovery of the body of the deceased reporter.

The governor stated that how the constabulary recovered the reporter’s remains was suspicious and deserved to be thoroughly investigated by a competent body.

The Governor, thus, appealed to the Inspector Full general of Law, the Managing director-Full general of the Department of Province Service (DSS) and other sis agencies to do everything possible to unravel the mystery surrounding the gruesome murder of the Benue-born journalist.

Also, the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) FCT Council called on the Federal Regime to institute an independent probe into circumstances surrounding the decease of Tordue Salem, saying reports from constabulary remain unclear.

In a press statement, Fri in Abuja, jointly signed by Comrade Emmanuel Ogbeche and Ochiaka Ugwu, chairman and secretarial assistant of the council respectively, the union said the really fact that the household of the deceased, as good as the leadership of the union, were not contacted prior to the public annunciation of the finding of his corpse, remains suspicious as good as the identity of whoever deposited it at the morgue.

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