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NEWS UPDATE: Top creative avenue for online music promotion in Nigeria

NEWS UPDATE: Top creative avenue for online music promotion in Nigeria

Music promotion which focuses on projecting your fine art to the ear of your target audience is a great marketing strategy that will fetch you both sales and global recognition.

Notwithstanding, maximizing the right platform is fundamental. And with the limited hours we all have in a daytime, one will chop-chop fire out whether He or She decides to seek all available avenues all at one time.

So far, these are the most trending yet creative avenues whatsoever Nigeria player can hop on:


Existence a visual app, the features of this application software are rich plenty to promote whatsoever music in Nigeria. To start with are the reels that allow you to display a clip with your vocal as sound. Not to cite IG stories that musicians employment to maintain their audience updated with their progress thus far. Other features to leverage in Instagram are IGTV, post feed, and most greatly Instagram Ads to assist gain a wider audience.

Music Playlist

A Lot has changed in the music industry. Before at present, music albums were the hot dessert but at present people regain it to a greater extent convenient to hear to music in the playlist format. You can employment platforms similar Audiomack, Spotify to create one for yourself but to gain a wider audience, I will advise a paid playlist that will favor you.


Blogs are doing good in this digital age. Many musicians have jumped on this avenue, and it has been helpful. Blogs are an avenue to speak in relation to your career journeying, the release of your vocal, and other trivial matters that concern your career. Not only will you have a personal human relationship with your audience via it. It will also assist to optimize your website’s SEO. I understand that writing a weblog can be time-draining. But with the services of, it will be a walkthrough physical process.


This is a trendy video app that you can employment to promote your music online in Nigeria without much elbow grease. All it requires of you is your consistency and inventiveness. It is known to be featured with Gen Z however, the older Generations have also taken reward of this avenue.


I saved this for the lastly for a reason. You can not speak in relation to online avenues without mentioning Youtube. This is the main avenue that most musicians employment to promote their music. All it requires is using the specified keywords that will create your video rank other videos. When uploading your video, ensure that it is clear and the sound is audible. You can also employment your video from YouTube on your website to growth the number of views.

Other online avenues out there; may not be recognized by everyone. But the most trending is the one listed hither. Please, sense release to portion this post with your peers.

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