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NEWS UPDATE: Tangale people express displeasure over hijack of Billiri market reconstruction by Kano businessmen

NEWS UPDATE: Tangale people express displeasure over hijack of Billiri market reconstruction by Kano businessmen

The Tangale Community Evolution Organization (TCDA) oin Gombe Province n Thur expressed displeasure over what they described as a hijack of the reconstruction of the Billiri marketplace by members of the Kano business community, declaring it as fraught with injustice.

The Billiri in Billiri Local Regime Area of Gombe Province engulfed in crisis on 19th Feb 2021 next the choice of new Tai Tangale, the traditional ruler of the town, leading to razing of the marketplace.

Addressing a press conference at the Press Centre of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Bauchi, a fellow member of TCDA Board of Trustees, Dr Daniel Maddo, alleged that businessmen from Kano wanted to execute the projection without involving Billiri indigenes.

Maddo said this was tantamount to mortgaging the hereafter of the Tangale land.

He said Mallam Danladi Sanusi, who was assuming the place of the Mai Tangle, had no powerfulness to institute such a projection, declaring that it was purely within the purview of the local regime council, the possessor of the marketplace.

He informed that TCDA, which he said was established to promote economical and social wellbeing of the indigenous civilization and customs of the Tangale people, amid others, held a articulation coming together of the Board of Trustees and Board of Elders on the 26th August 2021 and 2nd Oct 2021 respectively, where it was famous that the Kano businessmen discriminated against Christians who are in bulk in the community.

He added that the coming together was dismayed with the N500 million compensation paid by the Gombe Province regime in honour of properties lost to owners of stalls burnt during the mayhem.

According to Maddo, “The forum famous with dismay the devout bias exhibited by the delegates of the Kano business community who came with relief materials and distributed them only to our Muslim brothers in a community where over 90 percent are Christians and members of both faiths were affected by the disturbances.

“The forum also observed with dismay the compensation paid by the regime in honour of properties lost to the tune of over N500 million to owners of stalls burnt during the mayhem.

“It was clearly established at the Commission of Enquiry set upwards by the regime that all the stalls belong to the local regime, preserve for 12 owned by the Pangurus but hired to mainly, non-indigenes.

“Video evidence presented by the province Muslim counsel also showed that most of the non-indigenes had packed their good’s from the stalls before they were burnt.”

He lamented that the choice of the province regime to pass the cost of in relation to 80 percent of the compensation to Billiri Local Regime Council, declaring that this was an indictment of the Billiri people.

“Most disturbing and unheard of governance was the resolve by the province regime that 80 percent of the bill for the compensation would be borne by Billiri Local Regime.

“In effect, thence, the regime of Gombe Province under His Excellency, Mohammed Yahaya, had found the people of Billiri local regime guilty before receiving the written report of his have commission of enquiry and given them collective penalty.

“Every bit disturbing is the over-bloated compensation that was paid which was not commensurate with the loses incurred,” he said.

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