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NEWS UPDATE: Taliban: World must now accept that Islamists are here to stay – Fani-Kayode

NEWS UPDATE: Taliban: World must now accept that Islamists are here to stay – Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, a previous Minister of Aviation, has said that the world should now live with the way that Islamists are here to stay.

The previous pastor was responding to the loss of US troops by the Taliban in Afghanistan, who currently rule the country.

Recall Afghanistan was dove into disturbance after Taliban assumed control over the nation, attacked the Kabul, the country’s capital and involved the Presidency.

This occurred after the United States of America pulled out its military in the wake of going through around twenty years in the conflict assaulted country.

“One of the things we should grapple with regardless of how troublesome and upsetting it could be is the way that the mind-boggling larger part of individuals in Afghanistan need and backing the Taliban. Had this not been the case they couldn’t have won this 20-year war.

Afghanistan: Taliban vows to impose Islamic law worldwide

“Militant & revolutionary Islam is practically overwhelming in fight since its disciples are submitted unto death.

Those that are focused on freedom through jihad are incredibly hard to battle with in light of the fact that their philosophical responsibility is total& strict convictions sacrosanct.

“You can’t battle a man who isn’t reluctant to pass on and who thinks of it as an honor to be killed with regards to his confidence. That is the Salafist and Wahabbi regulation and reasoning and from numerous points of view it is amazing and convincing despite the fact that I despise the savagery that goes with it.

“Islam is a binding together power among its disciples & an incredible mobilizing cry and point for the individuals who pick to oppose what they see as subjugation, foul play & tyranny.

“Sadly Christianity lost that power years prior when it became watered somewhere near progressivism, humanism and the tolerant society which basically dismissed every one of the old Christian standards and values and set up the common state.

UK reacts as Taliban takes over Afghanistan govt

“The Church was additionally consigned in its position when it came to issue of administration and banned from applying any political influence.

“Consequently as Christianity melted away in its political force, Islam developed stronger.

The Shia Islamists of Iran, under the initiative of Ayatollah Khomeini, crushed the Shah of Iran and his American partners through a group’s transformation in 1979 which has suffered till today.

“The Islamists of Afghanistan, through Al Qaeda, crushed the Soviet Union in the 1980’s and in 2021 they have crushed the Americans through the Taliban.

“The world should now acknowledge the way that the Islamists are setting down deep roots and that if we like it eventually different countries in the African, Arab and Islamic world might follow their path.

Take it or leave it, this is the harsh truth.”

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