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NEWS UPDATE: Sunday Igboho: Stop chasing shadow – Ozekhome tells FG

NEWS UPDATE: Sunday Igboho: Stop chasing shadow – Ozekhome tells FG

Human rights dissident, Chief Mike Ozekhome, has blamed the central government for pursuing shadow with the capture of the Yoruba Nation fomenter, Sunday Igboho.

Ozekhome, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria asked the government

to seek after substance rather than shadow to save the country from the hooks of hijackers, desperados and terrorists.

The senior legal advisor made the allure on Tuesday in an articulation gave in response to the capture of Igboho in Benin Republic

The proclamation peruses to a limited extent “The FG shows up supersonically viable and solid with regards to capturing and localizing protesters and challengers of its bleak nepotic and sectionalisitc government.

“The same government oddly shows up absymally feeble and miserably vulnerable with regards to battling AK-47 using equipped crooks, Boko Haram and other lethal extremists, including buy-off taking criminals who are nearly abducting the very essence of Nigeria on an every day basis.

“The Nigerian Nation seems caught by non-state actors.

“To me, this disproportionate format exhibits intense narrow mindedness and uncertainty. It shows self inconsistency. It’s anything but a tendency towards authorizing laws against specific individuals, against specific classes of individuals, while simultaneously dismissing the other eye in implementing laws against the other liked and spoiled arrangement of people.

“Such doesn’t make a country develop. Such doesn’t make majority rule government work. Such doesn’t assemble certainty and comprehensiveness, the very explanations behind the Igbohos and Nnmdi Kanus of this world. Such doesn’t order nationalism and working of nationhood.

“The same government that is out of nowhere compelling on account of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho have always been unable to catch hijackers, furnished desperados and boko haram that are day by day assaulting us, transforming Nigeria into rambling field of human carnage.

“They take recover. Blameless younger students are paid for. Where is similar government when criminals are requesting that the guardians of seized youngsters should now take care of them in their capture dens?

“But, it unexpectedly becomes powerful and daring with regards to capturing and in any event, ambushing and assaulting in their actual homes, self assurance activists and crusaders. I’m not intrigued with this at all.

“The government may pound its chest for impermanent additions. Yet, does this tackle the issue? consider this to be just seeking after butterflies while the house is ablaze. Review history: Major Kaduna Nzeogwu Chukwuma. Isaac Adaka Boro, Ken Saro-Wiwa. The Ogoni 5. Is it accurate to say that we are free and clear? I don’t think so. Or on the other hand, do you?”

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