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NEWS UPDATE: Sorry not enough, repentant Boko Haram must be punished – ACF tells FG

NEWS UPDATE: Sorry not enough, repentant Boko Haram must be punished – ACF tells FG

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), on Tuesday, in Kaduna, asked the central government to arraign Boko Haram individuals who have atoned or surrendered.

Recall that few Boko Haram individuals as of late gave up their weapons to the Nigerian Military high command.

Reacting to the radicals’ choice to give up their to set out their arms, National Chairman of the discussion, Chief Audu Ogbeh, in a proclamation in Kaduna on Tuesday, said that, actually, “assuming they (Boko Haram) will be liberated, it becomes on the public authority to free every one of the individuals who are in care in any piece of the country for one wrongdoing or the other.”

According to him, there is no substantial proof from Boko Haram or their patrons that the conflict is over.

According to him, “for Boko Haram to say, ‘I’m sorry’ is sufficient to carry help to a great many Nigerians or even those killed?”

He added, “Nigerians are at present seeing enormous scope give up of huge quantities of Boko Haram agitators, among whom are bomb producers, commandants, incendiaries, attackers, and youngster snatchers, adding that, “Do we have valid justification to root for and trust a finish to this decade-old insanity?

“Is ‘I’m sorry’ enough to carry alleviation to Nigerians and the large number of dead and debilitated? What of those casualties bombarded in the temples, mosques, schools, and markets?

“What of the relative multitude of people in uniform killed by them? Who can check the large number of widows and vagrants they have created?

“So how would we manage them? Would it be advisable for us to simply accept them and trust them discount? Are their moves educated by unselfish atonement? We genuinely question it.

“We join the Governor of Borno, the Shehu of Borno, Senator Ndume and a huge number of Nigerians in contemplating over this turn of events and our basic exhortation is: Bring them to preliminary, or free all others as of now in guardianship anyplace, while we Nigerians concede of naivety and artlessness in the limit, deserving of more rebellion and insurgency,” he further added

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