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NEWS UPDATE: Some Cross River pensioners collude with govt officials to defraud colleagues – NUP

NEWS UPDATE: Some Cross River pensioners collude with govt officials to defraud colleagues – NUP

The Nigerian Union of Pensioners in Cross River Province has alleged that sure pensioners in the Province have been colluding with fraudulent authorities officials to perpetuate pension frauds against themselves.

The Public Relations Officer of the Union, Amor Ekpatta also lamented that there have been no accurate verification exercises in the Province, making the province authorities to declare that many pensioners were dead whereas they were hale and hearty.

In conclusion twelvemonth, countless senior citizens who were declared dead by the authorities took to the streets and blocked the Murtala Mohammed Highway in Calabar where they sat on chairs and laid on mats for several hours.

Ekpatta was invitee on a private radio station, SPARKLING FM to score world pensioners daytime, where he reeled out their plights, insincerity of pension fund managers and authorities officials.

“There have been many sharp practises perpetrated by fellow pensioners who collude with authorities officials to defraud other senior citizens. It is painful and frustrating,” he said.

He lamented that since 2014, gratuities have not been paid to pensioners in Cross River Province.

He alleged, nevertheless nonetheless, that there were reports that sure pensioners from a sure division of the Province have been selectively paid.

Ekpatta said, nevertheless nonetheless, that the nowadays governor, Prof Ben Ayade is paying monthly pensions.

“Since 2014, the province has not paid gratuities. We have met several times over this worrisome state of affairs.

“Authorities gave assurance 2 years agone but upward till at present, nil is coming upward. The backlog of 7 years of the unpaid gratuities is really huge. Many of the senior citizens are so weak, sickly and many have died without collecting their gratuities,” he lamented.

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