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NEWS UPDATE: Several credit card numbers extracted from Naira Marley’s phone – EFCC testifies

NEWS UPDATE: Several credit card numbers extracted from Naira Marley’s phone – EFCC testifies

Augustine Anosike, a criminological master with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on account of Afeez Fashola prevalently known as Naira Marley, affirmed on Tuesday.

The second indictment witness (PW2) showed up before Justice Nicholas Oweibo of the Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Anosike described how some Visa numbers were separated while breaking down the substance of an aggregate of 2,410 messages found in the respondent’s phone.

Naira Marley was summoned by the EFCC on May 20, 2019, on a 11-count charge verging on scheme, ownership of fake Mastercards and misrepresentation. He argued not guilty.

Anosike let the court know that Exhibit F was a finish of his examination of the litigant’s iPhone X variant 10.6, model A 1901, with number 07427343432 and an email, [email protected]

The criminal investigator gave the IMEI number of the iPhone as: 35304509527532 just as the SIM ICCID number as 8923420035948359826.

He told arraignment counsel, Rotimi Oyedepo, that the Apple iPhone is a refined gadget equipped for putting away a huge volume of information.

“It is the SIM card that essentially distinguishes clients of utilizations like WhatsApp. It implies up to a number has effectively been enrolled with a specific WhatsApp account, it is important less if such a client leaves the country.”

Anosike clarified there are situations where a WhatsApp application can in any case be utilized despite the fact that the enlisted SIM card isn’t embedded in the phone.

“The visiting application utilized in the examined gadget was WhatsApp. An aggregate of 977 Short Message Service (SMS) and 1433 talk messages were discovered.

“We additionally found seven forthcoming notice messages. On November 26, 2018, there was an active message enrolled around 3.32 p.m., with a charge card number 5264711020433662.

“This message was shipped off one Yadd. On December 11, 2018, there was an approaching message to the litigant’s gadget which read: “Your One Time Passcode (OTP) to confirm your portable number is 248716; wasn’t you, if it’s not too much trouble, call us on 63450808500.”

Anosike unveiled that one more message was sent at 5.06pm by one Hiya Bayi to a beneficiary with the name Raze on a similar say.

“The content was another charge card number 42658840359132. The quantity of the sender is +447426343432, while that of the recipient is +447365280441.

“The approaching message reflected at 6.18p.m. showed “Not perceived”. Different messages got on a similar date incorporate:” because of attempt shortly,” he added.

The EFCC witness informed the court that one more approaching message on December 12, 2018 at 10.16pm read: “Attempted and it was ineffective; certain you are not flushing it out then giving it to me to try.”

Anosike affirmed that all investigated messages were contained in a Compact Disk (CD); that the indictment just printed out those bits it considered material to its case.

The master asked the court and the guard counsel, Olalekan Ojo (SAN) if the arraignment could carry a projector to play the CD in the open court.

Justice Oweibo allowed his petition; Ojo didn’t bring up a criticism regarding the request.

The matter was suspended to October 27, 2021, for the indictment to play the CD on a projector.

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