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NEWS UPDATE: Senate vows to name, shame MDAs for failing to answer audit queries

NEWS UPDATE: Senate vows to name, shame MDAs for failing to answer audit queries

The Nigerian Senate said it was closing in on heads of agencies of regime who have been indicted in an audit reports by the Business office of the Auditor Full general for the Federation currently beingness interrogated by the Commission on Public Accounts.

The upper chamber expressed regrets at the level of recalcitrance by some heads of agencies of regime in making themselves available to defend alleged financial impropriety, saying some of them hide under the guise of beingness division of executive arm to shy absent from the Senate scrutiny.

Chairman of Commission on Public Accounts, Senator Mathew Urhogide, in an interaction with journalists in Abuja, revealed that some main executives of regime agencies who misappropriated funds allocated to their MDAs have failed to honour commission invitations, because they don’t have strong defence against allegations levelled against them.

Piece lamenting, he said, activity of those errant main executives tended to frustrate the Commission exercise against the provision of the Structure that empowered them to scrutinise financial transactions of regime agencies.

He vowed that it wouldn’t be business as usual, stressing that those ones would be named and shamed for giving the executive arm of regime a naughty proper noun.

Citing relevant sections of the Structure the lawmaker said, the upper Chamber has the alternative of warrant of arrest or they on their possess shouldn’t come up for the 2023 budget defence as they at present lack the moral right to do so.

Amid the hues and cries, Senator Uroghide said no warrant of arrest has been issued as it was only the 2015 study that has been concluded out of 3 years study that are beingness considered simultaneously.

He insisted: “But I want to tell you that it will not be business as usual for these agencies that fails to seem before this Commission.

“We are going to proper noun and shame them before the Senate will take that choice. It will be their involvement for them to come up and defend allegations levelled against them. It’s superior they come up. We are talking of financial audit at present which is a statutory function of this Commission.

“There is no agency that has immoral right to come up and defend budget appropriation in the succeeding yr when they have not accounted for what they have spent in the preceding yr. It’s a shame. And those of them who believe they are division and parcel of Executive Regime, they must know that they are giving executive arm of regime a naughty proper noun for not coming to account for financial transactions. Moreso that they have been accused by the Auditor Full general for the Federation.

“What we are doing hither is in accordance with the provisions of our Structure and we are ever quick to remind you that Subdivision 85 which whether you read what we are supposed to do as far as the Business office of the Auditor Full general is concerned is that he brings the study to the the Senate and of course of instruction, to the House of Representatives for consideration.”

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