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NEWS UPDATE: Scarcity of commercial motorcycles, vehicles hit Zamfara over fuel scarcity

NEWS UPDATE: Scarcity of commercial motorcycles, vehicles hit Zamfara over fuel scarcity

Residents of Zamfara Province have decried the shortage of commercial motorcycles in the province, saying the federal regime has declared total state of war against the common masses despite bringing them to powerfulness.

The residents who claimed that both the federal and province governments have neglected them expressed worry that banditry, economical hardship and other related social problems have continued unabated.

They said the closure of main markets in the province was a rattling large blow to traders, pointing out that fifty-fifty with the blockage of the telecommunication networks, the traders were at the receiving terminate.

All feasible businesses in the province have since been unopen downwardly due to the province regime security measures that have not produced whatever favourable resultant, they lamented.

Findings by DAILY POST revealed that a reduction in the number of commercial vehicles and motorcycles operating in the province.

The few available options have also increased their prices, putting the blame on shortage and the high cost of fuel.

A public commentator, Ahmed Bakare patch speaking to DAILY POST refused to have that fuel is scarce in the province, saying it was artificial and alleging that the regime is involved in the state of affairs.

He said most of the filling stations in the country are owned by the people in the corridors of powerfulness, adding that the federal regime has woefully failed in its scrap against monumental corruption in the country.

“The Zamfara Province state of affairs has gone out of command as most motorbike riders and owners have stopped their commercial businesses due to the hike in fuel prices.

“The regime cannot claim of whatever ignorance of the shortage of fuel rocking nearly all the states of the federation because they have regulatory bodies that can halt the hoarding of fuel for just selfish involvement” he lamented.

“I have ever been saying it that no private in the whole world is the powerfulness of the regime unless the regime in powerfulness does not want to deed”

Bakare alleged that corruption has get legalized and that the same regime that claimed to be championing anti-corruption is the same brain behind the corruption in the country.

“Nigeria can only be liberate whether all the common masses would bring together cooperate and stone all these corrupt leaders who have placed the country in the place it found its self irrespective of tribe ethnicity and religion”

“Both the Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba and other tribes have the same tribe, same religion and the same ethnicity when it comes to cheating the common masses but when one of them is small paid, the individual would gather his people and instigate them through religion, tribe and ethnicity for selfish involvement.

He said he can challenge whatever of the regime officials to pinpoint the public schools their children attend, stressing that some don’t fifty-fifty have their children schooling in Nigeria but abroad.

“That is the rattling main reason why the governments neglect public schools because their children are not schooling there. I challenge them to send their children to public schools and regard whether the public schools would not be the best because their children are there”

“Whether the founders of Nigeria could germinate from their graves and witness what is happening in the country they founded and left behind, they would be filled with surprises”

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