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NEWS UPDATE: S/East’s PENCOM rep, Nyerere Anyim cautions against divisive politics, harps on nation-building

NEWS UPDATE: S/East’s PENCOM rep, Nyerere Anyim cautions against divisive politics, harps on nation-building

The representative of the southeast at the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) and a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Dr Nyerere Chinenye Anyim, has told Nigerians that the issue of separation must no longer be national word, but rather the word on ways to strengthen the unity and improvement of our national evolution and progress should.

He also reminded Nigerians that nation-building is a collective responsibleness, and not the sole responsibleness of the President or whatever private.

He farther called on them to ascension paltry sentiments and divisive politics but rally the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Regime on the success of the country’s socio-economic and infrastructural evolution for the public good.

Anyim spoke during a telephone interview with DAILY POST on Tuesday, in Aba, Abia Province.

According to the former governorship flagbearer of the APC in the 2015 full general elections in Abia province, “It’s not in relation to the President, but in relation to the collective good and evolution of our country. As such, it’s in our involvement that he succeeds rather than fails; because as the driver of our country’s affairs, his failure is our failure, and his success is our success too”.

He lauded the resilience of Nigerians, which according to him, has kept us as a country since independence.

According to him, “regarding the hydra-headed security challenges facing us as a country, this is a time to come up forth with our unalloyed patriotism to our country, and give maximum back up to our security agencies to carry out their constitutional duties. Security is everyone’s business and it is of utmost importance to the growth and evolution of whatever country. When security fails and we slide into anarchy, it is our collective growth and evolution that suffers:, patch noting that nil prospers in a province of anarchy, it infringes on every social parameter, thereby eradicating our sense of belonging and security

“No one is safe until everyone is safe. The cost of anarchy and insecurity at whatever dot in time far outweighs that of peace and security. So we must go on to pray and back up our troops to defeat the insurgency and banditry in the N, as good as every other security challenge across the country because a threat to the peace of whatever division of this country is a threat to the collective peace and security of the relaxation of the country”.

Continuing, Anyim stated, “In our existence as an independent country, we are currently undergoing an unprecedented level of infrastructural revolution, under the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration. The benefits of these working capital infrastructural developments are limitless.”

The ex-Southeast Vice National Chairman of APC commended Buhari for his giant strides in developments in Infrastructure all over Nigeria.

He said, “No dubiety, these are trying times for our Country, and the world at big. But we must persevere. This is a time to build, and not a time to destroy”, farther reiterating the demand for unison amongst Nigerians, focusing on wins against losses.

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