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NEWS UPDATE: Restructuring: It’s impossible to stay as one if there’s injustice – Saraki

NEWS UPDATE: Restructuring: It’s impossible to stay as one if there’s injustice – Saraki

Former Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki has aired his thought on the lingering issues concerning restructuring of Nigeria.

Many Nigerians, groups and individuals believe that the country must be restructured to take in relation to fairness and justice to all its regions, with some people fifty-fifty insisting that this is the only way Nigeria can still remain together as a unit.

But fielding questions during an Independence Daytime luncheon in commemoration of Nigeria’s 61st Independence anniversary, held in Abuja at the weekend, Saraki, who is also a former Governor of Kwara Province, advised Nigerians to rather seek to be superior governed.

According to him, those in regime demand to ensure that there is evolution in all parts of the country, insisting that people would not be happy staying together in a country where only one section is existence developed.

He said in such circumstances, it was impossible to believe that the country would remain as one in peace.

The former Senate President said that in restructuring, Nigerians should be looking at what they are getting out of the regime, adding that it is the failure of regime to deliver the expectations of the masses that has led to the agitations for restructuring.

“I think that the regime not existence able to deliver to the people as regards what their values and expectations are, has made us start looking inward to view that there is something wrong structurally… That’s why you hear people mouth in relation to possibly we should give to a greater extent powers to the states; to a greater extent powers to the regions.

“My view is that we must ensure that we provide the most feasible ways to rule at all levels. This includes making our province to a greater extent feasible…,” Saraki said.

“We are saying this because we have seen a failure at the centre. I think we demand to address what is wrong with our country. The major issue has to do with the opportunity for all of us. I telephone it the democratization of opportunity.

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“Nowadays a lot of people do not have a sense of belonging. They do not believe that the opportunities are fair to all. We demand to go dorsum to that. We must have an environs that enables all of us to believe that we have a fair chance of getting to where we want to acquire to and in doing that we have to be certain that some of us do not believe that we are existence held dorsum.”

Speaking farther, the former leader of the National Assembly said that states and local governments must begin to address what makes them feasible, adding that this will aid them generate their revenue.

“You only have internally generated revenue when there is activity. You cannot generate from zero activity. That is why we have the VAT job. Because the places where there is commercial activity are limited,” he added.

“Some states believe it is their revenue that is existence shared by other states …the fact is, we demand to create every province feasible. It is possible to create every province feasible whether you have policies that encourage a specific investment in different sectors…I believe it’s doable but we demand to have the capacity to understand what the state of affairs is.

“There was a bill we passed in the 8 Senate on how to generate money through route authorization. Trying to view whether there were sure amounts existence paid for route maintenance across the country but it didn’t view the visible light because of the issue we had at the 8 senate.

“I’m told the same bill they are in relation to to pass at present. 6 years have been wasted, whether that bill was passed 6 years agone, the country would have been able to generate plenty revenue through that and these are just examples we demand to do.

“A lot of dissonance is existence made in relation to restructuring but I think we demand to foremost view that we are governed superior. There are things we demand to do and we demand to view that there is fairness and fairness in how we are governed and how the resources of Nigeria are distributed.

“We also demand to ensure that there is evolution in every section of the country. You can’t be seeing evolution in one section of the country and believe that we will remain as one, it is not possible. In some parts of the world, there are incentives to view investment in places where there is no investment.”

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