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NEWS UPDATE: Residents groan as rainfall wreaks havoc in Osun community

NEWS UPDATE: Residents groan as rainfall wreaks havoc in Osun community

Residents of Wole Ola Riverside Community have decried the devastation left behind Lord’s Day’s rainfall.

A see to the community by DAILY POST on Monday revealed that the rainfall left behind blown roofs to residents and shops.

A resident, Adekola Adetayo told this medium that the devastation was not as a outcome of the rainfall but the air current which accompanied it.
According to him, “When we started to reckon signs that it would rainfall, we never suspected that it will be accompanied by winds that would be so destructive.

“We thought it was the normal rainfall but we were wrong. The air current was so forceful that it swept rainfall body of water into houses and shops and it fifty-fifty blew off roofs of houses.”

Some other resident Deborah Bamidele who spoke to this medium explained that the extent of the impairment was not known until the rainfall subsided.

In her words, “Until we came out after the rainfall, we never knew the extent of the impairment. Roofs were blown absent. Shops were pulled downwardly.

“There is fifty-fifty a instance of roof blown out and deposited on an electricity line. We were scared initially that it may touch on powerfulness furnish to our area but we were able to take the roof from the affected powerfulness line without recording whatsoever mishap.”

The Chairman of the community evolution associations, Adekunle Adeogun said residents have ever surmounted the challenges brfough by such rainfall.

Adeogun explained that after the rainfall, the youths in the community were mobilised to clear most of the debris as a outcome of the air current and were able to take the roof that was blown onto the electricity line.

He also said the elders in the community had been upwards and doing but still needed authorities intervention as there was a boundary to what they could reach.

“We still demand authorities intervention in the area is locating a wellness centre, primary school and other in our community.
We have sent delegations and written several letters on these developments and on many occasions they have promised to intervene but no concrete activeness in ground yet.

“The roads are had and with had drainage system in the community, whenever it rained, flooding is ever a menace but we are lucky that we are on an elevated champaign so flood body of water doesn’t disturb most houses but our roads have been made worse for it.”

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