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NEWS UPDATE: Reps move to remove police from contributory pension, as retired officers storm NASS

NEWS UPDATE: Reps move to remove police from contributory pension, as retired officers storm NASS

The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed for a moment reading, a bill to amend the pension reform human activity to exclude the constabulary from the contributory pension.

The bill seeks to withdraw the personnel of the Nigeria Law Forcefulness from the pension reforms Human activity.

It would be recalled that constabulary retirees stormed the National Assembly early Tuesday morning time to bring up issues affecting their pension.

The bill, sponsored by Francis Relinquish from Delta Province, was passed for a moment reading by the House.

Leading the debate on the bill, Relinquish argued that the war machine and intelligence agencies who are not in the pension reform human activity are enjoying to a greater extent pensions than the constabulary.

“On account of the higher up amongst many others, the Nigeria Law ought and should be exempted from the current pension scheme similar their counterpart in the War machine and the Intelligence agencies. For instance, the highest retirement advatage of Deputy Superintendent of Law under this obnoxious pension scheme is N2.5m and that of Assistant Superintendent of Law is N1.5m patch their equivalent in Ground forces (captain) and DSS are paid N12.8m and N10.3m respectively.”

Supporting the bill, Shehu Koko, a retired constabulary officer said fifty-fifty a retired Inspector Full general of Law (IGP) earns in relation to N200,000 monthly, adding that war machine pensioners earn to a greater extent.

Speaking on the bill, Uzoma Abonta said the pension reform human activity should be reviewed instead of removing the constabulary from the Human activity.

The bill was passed and referred to the relevant commission of the House

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