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NEWS UPDATE: Reps committee on Judiciary calls for investigation into invasion of Justice Odili’s home

NEWS UPDATE: Reps committee on Judiciary calls for investigation into invasion of Justice Odili’s home

The House of Representatives Committee on Judiciary has denounced in entirety the attack at Justice Mary Peter – Odili’s home, depicting it as a disavowal of legal autonomy and an attack on the sacredness of the equity system.

The Committee has now required an examination concerning the occurrence to disentangle the people behind the demonstration, which it said is fit for stressing the current connection between the Judiciary and the Executive arms government.

A press explanation endorsed by the Chairman, House Committee on Judiciary, Onofiok Luke, kept up with that the episode is a reminder for specialists to fix managerial and administrative command over the tasks of law implementation offices in the country.

The advisory group censured that the legal executive was presented to public criticism because of the strike on the home of an equity of the high court, supposedly following a warrant endorsed by a Magistrate.

The articulation said it was upsetting that the said warrant was repudiated by the responsible Magistrate who had found that it was obtained by the Applicant anywhere nearby of distorted realities, yet the activities were conveyed out.

“As a panel right now interfacing with the Judiciary for a worked on legal change and equity framework, we wish to loan our voice on the need to practice more alert in giving ex-parte, clashing and problematic orders that are equipped for carrying offensiveness to our Justice system”.

The council said it felt for the Attorney General of the Federation, who is responsible for the activities and inactions of the law authorization specialists who executed the said warrant.

“The attack is suggestive of the 2016 occurrence, where, in the beat of the evening, security offices attacked private homes of legal officials, which consequently turned out as an underserved peculiarity, and an imprint on our claimed freedom of the legal executive, and requesting insurance for our judges.

“As we definitely know, the legal executive harps on fair treatment in the allotment of equity and the House Committee on the Judiciary affirms to team up with the legal executive and significant partners to get the country’s democracy.”

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