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NEWS UPDATE: Recently signed petroleum industry bill, another recipe for anarchy – Gov Diri

NEWS UPDATE: Recently signed petroleum industry bill, another recipe for anarchy – Gov Diri

Bayelsa Province Governor, Douye Diri, has said the recent passage of the Crude Industry Acts (PIA), by President Muhammadu Buhari, is a recipe for anarchy in the country.

Diri claims the passage is yet some other stair taken to subordinate oil-producing states, making it to a greater extent similar a subordinate and superordinate human relationship.

The governor famous that there’s a lost gap in the human relationship of the province, the Niger Delta part and the regime at the centre.

Diri made the comment on Fri even during the Independence Anniversary Dinner celebration at the DSP Alamieaeigha banquet corridor, Yenagoa, the province working capital.

“There’s a lost gap in the human relationship of our dear province, the part and the federal regime. The dot is that fifty-fifty as Christians we worship God on Sundays, patch the Moslems on Fridays, yet we still have sins hence in the same vein we will not be tired of talking in relation to justice and liberty for the province and the Niger Delta part.

”May I appeal to those who are aggrieved to halt the bloodletting across the country, just of late we lost rattling meaningful Nigerians in Anambra Province; that is an sick air current that will not our province good. Allow us seem for dialogue to resolve our differences, we know it is painful when people shove aside dialogue.

I have ever reminded people that for those who create peaceful modify impossible, violent modify becomes inevitable. Allow us not tread the route and route of violent modify, this country is blessed and I believe the founding fathers have seen the greatness and not the distress of Nigeria.

On the issue of diminishing oil, he said there is a forecast that presently nobody will merchandise on oil, hence patch the oil lasts, just 13 percent is given to host communities and 87 percent taken by the federal regime, the people must proceed to utter in relation to it.

He called for diversification into other areas of revenue generation not explored and appealed to leaders in the province to back up his administration to succeed.

“I will remind us that we have to seem into diversification so we can have to a greater extent evolution. Allow us also play politics according to the rules, and not politics of pollex. I believe whether we play according to rules, we will transit from one developing regime to some other development-oriented regime because final powerfulness belongs to the people. Allow us build strong institutions instead of strong humans, so our institutions can outlive us”

”This is the time we Bayelsans demand to exhibit that spirit of oneness and unity shown during the creation of the province.

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