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NEWS UPDATE: Police tortured our son to death – Family of suspect who died in police custody allege

NEWS UPDATE: Police tortured our son to death – Family of suspect who died in police custody allege

The begetter of Goodluck Oviekeme, a 27- year-old, 300 level Niger Delta Academy (NDU), student, who reportedly died in police force custody in Bayelsa Province, has said his son was salubrious, strong and wasn’t sick at anytime but was arrested and tortured to decease by officers of the province police force command.

Mr. Ovieteme, who was total of tears called on the Federal and Province regime, to intervene and ensure the killers of his son are brought to book, or rather kill him and convey his son dorsum to life.

DAILY POST, had before reported that the province Commissioner of Constabulary, CP Echeng E. Echeng, ordered for discreet Investigation and autopsy to determine the cause of the decease of Goodluck Oviekeme ‘m’ 27 years
, who was arrested from his Yenagoa home on Tuesday.

The begetter said, “All the police force claimed in relation to my son was mistaken. I wasn’t around the daytime they came for his arrest because i went out to fish, but when I came the next daytime I was told the style of the surgical process they carried out. I wonder why they had to destroy his room at that midnight hr when everyone had gone to bed, and myself, my blood brother and others went to check on him at the station after some persons had before gone but they weren’t allowed to reckon him.”

“When we knew he was with Puff Adder, we went to them and we were told he was taken to the clinic for medical attending, we wondered why our son would be taken to the infirmary without our knowledge. So we went on our have to the clinic, behold we were told nobody of such was admitted. We left FMC and went to police force clinic but he wasn’t there too, we got a tip to go check once again at FMC, so we were going and we saw people looking at d corpse on the story shut to the mortuary area so we also approached to reckon. When we got there, it was our son lying lifeless on the story with bruises around his chest area.”

“Authorities should aid in this matter. We demand the Federal regime to intervene what has my son done to endure similar this?” he asks.

The province working capital was erupted with protestation, the protesters who were made upwards of Epie-attisa indigenes resident in Biogbolo, staged a protestation against the abrupt decease of Goodluck Ovikeme, accusing Constabulary of alleging shoddy investigation and deliberate killing of their kinsman.

The community adult female leader who led other women in a protestation, Madam Osain, famous that it was sad for the police force led by the commissioner of police force to come up and arrest some of their sons in the pretence that they ambushed a police officer and stole his riffle.

“The next thing we heard was that one was dead, and we don’t fifty-fifty know the province of the other ones in custody. They didn’t investigate their claims before making arrest, they should convey our sons dorsum including the deceased.

An indigene of the community, Mr. Patrick Osain, said the incident of police force brutality and arms theft didn’t happen hither, it happened on the limited so why will they arrest people from their community.

Osain said, “We still have in relation to 6 persons in police force custody and we don’t fifty-fifty know their fate, will they be killed the same way they killed Goodluck? He was tortured badly and left to die in hurting. We want police force to release others, they should delineate and arrest those who committed the offence and not indigenes of Biogbolo community, because he wasn’t sick when they arrested him”.

Ebitonye Micheal, the blood brother to the deceased denied the police force allegations, insisting that his blood brother is harmless of the offense he did not commit. He alleged that Ebitonye Michael, relative of the deceased, stated that men of the Constabulary special squad arrested Oviekeme on quarta-feira over a offense he did not commit.

He alleged that Oviekeme was murdered in the police force jail cell and his body was later dumped at the Federal Medical Midpoint (FMC), Yenagoa.

When DAILY POST visited the community, the women and youths took to the streets in protestation of what they described as injustice on harmless youths of their community.

The angry protesters with placards blocked majors roads leading through their community, causing heavy gridlocks for vehicular motion.

Commuters and other route users were seen trekking a long distance to other boundary communities before they can go along their journeys.

Those who were travelling were rendered frustrated as no vehicle could pass through the community for several hours and they had to homecoming dorsum.

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