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NEWS UPDATE: Police arrest cripple turned kidnapper in Katsina

NEWS UPDATE: Police arrest cripple turned kidnapper in Katsina

A cripple turned kidnapper has been arrested by the Katsina Province Police force Command for attempted kidnapping for ransom.

Buhari Haruna, 22, a resident of Kankia Local Regime Area of Katsina Province was paraded at the province constabulary command on Monday for threatening and masterminding a kidnap endeavour on one Hamisu Salisu of the same Kankia community.

The suspect, who claimed to be a phone repairer, was said to have called his prime target on phone demanding the total of N2 million to preserve himself and household from existence killed or kidnapped.

According to SP Isah Gambo, the Police force Public Relations Officer in the province, the suspect piece making the threat, was said to have disclosed that his initial programme was to kidnap the victim’s begetter but shelve the thought, realising that the old man was sick and hospitalised.

Hamisu, who reported the matter to the constabulary was advised to play along with the suspect who instructed him to drib the N2 million ransom at a location, whether he wants to preserve his household from existence kidnapped.

Unknown to him, the constabulary had cordoned the area, waiting patiently for the suspect to come up pick the ransom who when appeared was a cripple crawling on his knee joint and buttock.

Directly he picked the ransom, the constabulary swoop in on him and arrested him before he could disappear into lean air.

“The Katsina Police force Command have succeeded in arresting a individual with a special demand who turned himself into a kidnapper and demanded for a ransom of N2 million.

“It may involvement you to know that this gentleman hither, Buhari Haruna is 22 years and from Kankia LGA of Katsina Province.

“On 20 August, he sent a threat message to one Hamisu Salisu, who is also from Kankia LGA and demanded for the ransom N2 million or risk existence kidnapped.

“In the course of instruction of investigation, the victim reported to the Kankia Police force Partition where preliminary investigation led to the arrest of this suspect.

“The fact of this instance was that the constabulary advised the victim to comply with the directions of the suspect and he made refer of a location where the N2 million ransom was to be taken to him.

“We planned and successfully took the money to the location and after we dropped the money with our men hanging around the area, fortunately plenty we saw this gentleman crawling and he went and took the ran some money. And so our men rounded him upwardly and he was arrested,” SP. Isah Gambo said.

In the course of instruction of interrogation, Buhari confessed to the criminal offense though he claimed that it was only his first of all time.

SP Gambo, nevertheless nonetheless, said that this would create the third time a cripple would be involved in the instance of kidnapping and banditry related offence.

SP Gambo, piece addressing pressmen at the constabulary command, advised household of kidnapped victims to thread with caution and avoid panicking and rushing to pay ransom as criminals are at present taking reward of the prevalent security challenges in the province to extort people of their tough earned money.

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