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NEWS UPDATE: Plateau LG polls: It’s an appointment, executive rascality, rape of democracy – PDP

NEWS UPDATE: Plateau LG polls: It’s an appointment, executive rascality, rape of democracy – PDP

The main opposition political party, the Peoples Democratic Political party (PDP) in Plateau Province has described the statement of winners of Local Regime Council elections in the Province by the Plateau Province Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC) which the political party said was aided by Governor Simon Lalong as an “executive rascality”.

The PDP also described the elections as the worst in history of local regime elections in the country.

The Political party advised the chairmen and councillors declared by PLASIEC,
“not to celebrate because they were not elected by the people but rather appointed”.

DAILY POST recalls that, on Dominicus, the Plateau Province Independent Electoral Commission, PLASIEC had announced the resultant of the local regime elections conducted on Saturday, the 9th of Oct, 2021, with the ruling All Progressives Congress candidates winning all the chairmanship and councillorship positions in Province.

Announcing the resultant in the nowadays of stakeholders at its headquarters in Jos, the Chairman of PLASIEC, Mr. Fabian Ntung said, “the APC won all the chairmanship seats in the 17 local Regime Area of the Province.

Similar, the PLASIEC Chairman also announced that, “All the 325 councillorship positions across the 325 wards in the 17 local regime Area were also won by the APC”

Plateau LG Polls: PLASIEC wants to exclude PDP from elections – Party cries out

Briefing journalists at the political party secretariat in Jos, the Province Working capital, Publicity Secretarial assistant of the PDP, John Akans, described the polls conducted in the Province as an “appointment and rape of democracy”.

“Nowadays I am addressing you on the most unlucky and disgraceful conduct of the 9th Oct 2021 polls, in the proper noun of an election. This indeed is the most horrible human activity of fascism.

He said, “As a political party, we are mindful of the fact that the people of Plateau are looking upwardly to the PDP to salve them from this political despotic and oppressive leadership. It is hence our duty to ensure that the local regime election was conducted fairly in the involvement of the people who deserve a vocalization in governance without exclusion.

“It was on the basis of this that the political party went to tribunal to seek justice when Plateau Province Independent Electoral Commission unlawfully excluded the political party from participating in the election”, he explained.

“It may involvement you all to know that it was the resolute stance of the Peoples Democratic Political party not to compromise the involvement of our people and the integrity of our democratic values by allowing Governor Lalong through his self-appointed cronies at PLASIEC to play over the people’s intelligence, that has led to this imperious, and disgraceful demo of shame, of the so-called elections of Saturday 9th of Oct 2021, which was massively rejected by the people of the province.

“Indeed the people have spoken and have demonstrated that APC is not a political political party, but an organization of household and friends. The powerfulness of the people was clearly displayed in activeness across the 325 electoral wards of Plateau where bulk of the electorates boycotted the exercise over the illegal exclusion of the PDP from participating in the election by PLASIEC.

“We, hence, appreciate the people of the province for their protestation over the illegal exclusion of the PDP. We assure Plateau people that this antics of desperate politicians who are already intimidated and threatened by the rising popularity of the PDP would be vehemently resisted,” he maintained.

Akans urged supporters and members of the political party, to remain steadfast and committed.

According to him, “The annunciation of winners by PLASIEC yesterday and the activeness of governor Lalong can only be described as executive rascality. This is the worst local regime election in the history of Nigeria.

“In warfare,/a battle is either won or lost. As a political party that respects the regulation of law, we are pursuing our course of instruction to participate in the local govt elections at the tribunal of appeal.

“We wait that PLASIEC would have waited for the choice of the tribunal of appeal on this matter. It’s surprising to view that PLASIEC that is a political party to this suit and was good represented in tribunal, announced its shameful appointees as winners when the matter was adjourned for 22nd of Nov 2021,” he decried.

“Governor Lalong and his election merchant squad may just be grandstanding in a wild flying of fantasy just for psychological relief in enjoin to give a mistaken hope of judicial victory instead of uncertainty of where the pendulum of justice swings.

“So we advise those declared by PLASIEC as winners not to celebrate because they were not elected by the people but rather appointed by despotic leadership and this scam will guide to nowhere, as plateau people cannot be scammed over again”, Akans stressed.

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