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NEWS UPDATE: Plateau killings: Nigerians must stop behaving like animals – Fani-Kayode

NEWS UPDATE: Plateau killings: Nigerians must stop behaving like animals – Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, previous Aviation Minister, has asked Nigerians to quit acting like animals.

Fani-Kayode said this while censuring the killing of innocent travellers on a significant roadway in Jos, Plateau State, over the weekend.

He appealed to God for the spirits of those that were killed in Jos to find happiness in the hereafter and for those that killed them without hesitating to be brought to justice.

The previous clergyman, who likewise sympathized with the groups of the perished, called for harmony, quiet and restriction on all sides in Plateau State and surely all through the country.

In a progression of tweets on Monday, Fani-Kayode said, “You focus on a gathering of blameless and helpless Hausa Fulani Muslims who were coming back in the wake of revering their God and you butcher them like Sallah rams. Your protection is that these were response killings for the butcher of your Christian siblings and family by a gathering of Fulanis at a previous date. My inquiries for you and those that are egging you on and applauding you are as follows:

“Were those guiltless explorers you butchered a piece of those that killed your Christian siblings and family at the said before date?

“Do two wrongs make a right?

“Is it the Christian method to target blameless and unprotected individuals who have done you no off-base and who present no danger and subject them to mass homicide, ethnic purging and genocide?

“I have denounced the focusing on and mass homicide of Christians by Muslims reliably over the course of the years & I have communicated shock about this each time it occurs. Am I expected to keep calm & relish it when it happens the reverse way around & when Christians murder Muslims just in light of the fact that I am a Christian? Is it accurate to say that we are not all individuals with blood moving through our veins and are these individuals not our comrades? There is no explanation on earth why I would not censure the mass homicide of Muslims by Christians also & anybody that anticipates that I should keep calm & not sincere denounce it when such barbarity is endless supply of my countrymen doesn’t know FFK. We should quit acting like creatures & begin behaving like individuals in this nation & we should quit killing each other suddenly for whatever reason.

“If we won’t do as such we will awaken one day and we won’t have a nation left: the lone thing we will have is an enormous cauldron of fire wherein each and every one of us is either burned-through or turns into a miserable and sorry refugee.

“No-one successes a strict or ancestral conflict in a multi-ethnic, multi-strict and multi-social country of more than 210 million individuals. On the off chance that, God preclude, it were to at any point happen we will ALL endure and we will ALL lose.

“I call for harmony, quiet and limitation on all sides in Plateau state and in reality all through the country.”

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