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NEWS UPDATE: Page International offers back-to-school financing option in Nigeria

NEWS UPDATE: Page International offers back-to-school financing option in Nigeria

Imagine getting all the back-to-school bills cleared out nowadays fifty-fifty whether you don’t have a dime in your bank account as you read this? That’s the powerfulness of Page Financials’ dorsum to school financing.

It’s a win-win, you get up to N5 million in loan today, pay the school fees and all other expenses, the children are happy, you have peace of psyche, and you relish convenient repayment structure for a period upwardly to 12 months.

You reckon, education is no longer just nice to have for children, in fact, basic education is a fundamental human right. This right has been universally recognized since the Universal Statement of Human Rights in 1948 and has since been enshrined in various international conventions, national constitutions, and evolution plans.

This underscores the importance of not just whatsoever education but lineament education, which has driven many parents to aspire and enrolled their children in the best schools in town.

Nevertheless nonetheless, the cost of getting lineament education in Nigeria is not inexpensive and has continued to be on the rising – as is every other thing due to the inflation and sky-high foreign exchange.

As a parent that wants the best education for your children, how do you make do with the rising cost of education and other household essentials?

Having a flexible financing alternative that won’t demand you breaking your savings ever – whether whatsoever, or running to household and friends – who also have their have problems, would be a no brainer, concur?

How Page Finances Your Dorsum To School Bills

When seeking out a loan of whatsoever fashion; whether for machine, holiday, rent, home makeover, or school fees, convenience, transparency and accountability are top on your psyche as things to seem out for.

Page has successfully built these important pointers as cultures into all their products as you interact with them across board, so you can acquire the funding you demand with peace of psyche.

Page offers personal loans of upwardly to N5 million to employees in the private or public sector. You can access this loan nowadays whether you qualify and the funds would be disbursed to you as early as nowadays.

Steps To Getting Page Dorsum to School Loan

At present that you know that Page can aid, how do you access the back-to-school and other financing facilities?

Stair 1: Acquire the Requirements Ready

Understanding and having the loan requirements handy when will create the physical process faster for you. Whether you do not know and prepare the required files beforehand, really simple items can delay you from getting the money as fast as you demand it.

The requirements

1) You earn a monthly salary (minimum 150k monthly)

2) You have upwardly to 6-months’ salary account statement

3) You live/work in Lagos or Ibadan (bankers nationwide can apply)

4) You have a work ID from where you work or evidence of job or promotion

5) You have a BVN that is actively connected to your working mobile number

Some of the items will be retrieved automatically when you begin the application, it generally takes customers less than 3 minutes to finish the application whether they have the requirements ready.

Stair 2: Apply Online

To start your back-to-school loan application, simply click here to see the website and fill up the application cast. The application physical process is in stages, at each stage, you’ll provide relevant information that helps create a choice to approve your loan.

You can upload all the documents online piece filling the cast so you do not have to worry in relation to carrying files from one business office(er) to some other.

Stair 3: Acquire Notified of Application Status

After you have successfully completed your application, you have really done the tough section. As simple as this looks, it is that simple.

Whether you have if all the relevant requirements and you qualify for the loan, Page Financials will review and approve your application and send an offering to your email.

The email will contain your approbation status and how to proceed.

Whether your asking has been approved, the offering will be stated on the offering alphabetic character which is attached to the email.

The offering alphabetic character contains the amount you were approved for, your monthly repayments, and other terms and conditions.

You will be required to either sign and scan dorsum the offering alphabetic character, or simply reply the email and have the offering.

And, that’s it.

Stair 4: Withdraw Funds and Settle the Bills

One time your loan is approved, the money will be disbursed into your Page account, from where you can begin to pay your bills straight from your page account using the Page mobile app at ZERO charge or using the USSD code (*258*3#).

Or, you can transfer the money to your commercial bank account where you can sort your bills out from.


One of the fascinating things in relation to transacting with Page is that after your loan is disbursed, transfer charges are FREE. You can send money to your other bank accounts or to friends and relatives or fifty-fifty business partners and colleagues, and you will not pay whatsoever charges on the transfers.

Also, client service is available 24/7 to supply whatsoever assistance you may demand as regards to getting a loan or accessing whatsoever other products Page offers.

At present you know that you can acquire your children dorsum to school with a quick loan of upwardly to N5 Million from Page in a daytime, so money is no longer an excuse.

Similar to apply at present? See to apply or phone 017007243 to memorize to a greater extent and acquire started.

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