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NEWS UPDATE: Osun communities lament months of darkness, demand Govt, IBEDC intervention

NEWS UPDATE: Osun communities lament months of darkness, demand Govt, IBEDC intervention

Residents of towns in Ife Due north local regime council area of Osun Province have appealed to the direction of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) to regain a lasting solution to the blackout they have been experiencing in the yesteryear months.

They also urged the province regime to intervene in the matter and prevail on the electricity distribution company to restore powerfulness to their towns.

In a press conference held in Ipetumodu, Thur, community leaders under the aegis of Ife Due north Progressive Presidents lamented that the 4 months of powerfulness outage in the local regime had given criminal elements, particularly kidnappers the leverage to carry out their heinous crimes in the towns.

They disclosed that the blackout had encouraged stealing within the communities and has also paralysed economical activities in the local regime.

“People making usage of electricity for their business regain it rattling hard and this needs urgent attending,” they stated.

Pouring their minds to journalists, leaders of the different communities, Prince Oyebowale Adewale, President of Yakooyo Progressive Union, Principal Julius Olaleke Ojediran and Sun Oyebowale revealed that they had made several efforts to take an cease to the nightmare but that it had been an exercise in futility.

Spell demanding for the upgrade of the 7.5MVA transformer at the Moro Substation to 14KVA transformer, they disclosed that some businesses have run into debts due to the evolution.

On his political party, Sun Oyebowale said, “We have written several letters to the Province Governor and the IBEDC, fifty-fifty to their main business office in Ibadan but nil has been done. We are imploring people in authorisation and Nigeria Regime to stand up upwardly and assist us so that we won’t go on to endure.”

The town’s students led by Aduragbemi Ogunlola urged IBEDC to take urgent steps in restoring electricity to Ife Due north local regime before the students take to mass activeness

Towns in Ife Due north affected by the blackout are Ipetumodu, Edunabon, Moro, Yakooyo, Asipa and Akinlalu.

Findings also indicated that the 7.5MVA that has been installed since 2011 and serving the local regime developed fault as a resultant of heavy load placed on it.

Group lament IBEDC’s failure to meter customers’ houses

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