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NEWS UPDATE: Ortom identifies armed herdsmen’s country of origin, says presidency happy with security situation

NEWS UPDATE: Ortom identifies armed herdsmen’s country of origin, says presidency happy with security situation

Governor Samuel Ortom has alleged that some of the armed Fulani herders unleashing terrorism on unsuspecting residents of the Province and other parts of Nigeria are from Republic of Mali and Niger Republic.

In an interview with DAILY POST, the Governor revealed that most of the Fulani herders arrested in the province “cannot speak Hausa or Fulfide”, saying that they are from French speaking countries.

Governor Ortom accused the current presidency of finding pleasance in the unlucky security state of affairs of the country, stating that the armed Fulani men are to a greater extent unsafe than the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, which President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration proscribed and tagged as a terrorist grouping.

He said, “My dot is why is it that these Fulanis that are coming hither can’t be stopped? They are not fifty-fifty Nigerians, yet there are Nigerians Fulanis. They are coming from Republic of Mali and Niger and they are not hiding it. They say it.

“Most of them that are arrested hither speak French, they cannot speak Hausa or Fulfide and so it is a matter of the authorities deciding that ‘appear, we must halt this.’

“But it is clear to me at present and that is why I said that the body linguistic communication of the current presidency is that they are happy with what is happening. They stopped IPOB in the Southeast, and branded them terrorists.

“Whether I were to assess what was happening in the Southeast and the Southwest, what the Fulanis are doing hither is worse. The weapons they have are to a greater extent than what they have in the southeast and southwest. I don’t back up all those secessionist agitations by those individuals. I don’t back up it, but the truth is that we should ensure fairness and fairness.

“We should ensure justice for all. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. So why are we separating other people as whether they are slaves? And so you convey Fulani from exterior to come up and terrorize your country and you allow them? The president himself accepted that these ones that are terrorizing us are not Nigerians.

“So why are you allowing them? Why have they refused to brand them as terrorists? Why have they refused to ban them? Why have they encouraged Miyetti Allah to be killing our people?”

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