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NEWS UPDATE: Oraimo: Not your regular smart accessory brand

NEWS UPDATE: Oraimo: Not your regular smart accessory brand

For many years, Nigerians have had a sustained beef with locally made smart accessories, most particularly earbuds. They’re similar the existent Yoruba demons and I for one have loathed that. Allow me draw the adjoining line betwixt both. They come up in different colors looking all shiny and eye-catching, start by making you bask every instant with them until they break your ticker into a million sorry pieces and paw them over to you.

This experience had scarred many Nigerians until a new player came on board with just plenty game to alter the entire narrative and turn our gloomy faces into brightly smiling ones.

oraimo isn’t just one of the lifestyle smart brands but a vanguard in the tech space hither in Nigeria. The brand has over the years ardently solidified itself as a smart and tech-leading, character and value providing brand for its consumers. oraimo first of all became pop for its durable charging bricks and chords. The character experience that users enjoyed using this production made them willing to explore other products introduced by the brand. Interestingly, oraimo was able to replicate the same experience across its other line of products including powerfulness banks, headphones, and its FreePods.

With all observations thus far, there’s security in saying it’s visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that oraimo is firmly positioned to ultimately have the consumers’ involvement and satisfaction at her core and has made providing smart accessories to assist users’ lifestyle pivotal and key to her functions.

According to recent updates from industry tipsters, she prepares to add together a new and rainbow-like plumage to the cap of honor and excellence she’s already adorned with. Speculations propose that on September 28, the new oraimo FreePods 3 will be launched to the market place. The brand is notwithstanding yet to comment on the validity of this information.

There’s been various speculations that’s taken over the consumers’ space and full general conversations around the features of the incoming production. Several persons claim to have the features all figured upwardly by looking at the excellence and value of the FreePods 2, thus speculating that some to a greater extent additions will come up to that characteristic.

oraimo is a pacesetter and trail blazer in the mobile accessory industry, and it’s been overtime proven by the milestones she has achieved so far by heightening the value and character of smart accessories if to consumers.

The awards latterly won by the brands are only proofs and ceremonious validations of the character and tech innovations that characterizes oraimo products

These awards include:

National laurels for the most outstanding character mobile electronics trading and Distribution Company of the yr.

Nigeria’s best world form character phone accessories Production Company of the yr 2021.

Africa’s most innovative mobile production company in back up of FINTECH services brand of the yr.

Tape has it that oraimo has sold over one hundred million products, the tentacles of her influence and value adding system that garnered those massive sales spreads beyond the borders of Nigeria to take over the tech and smart accessory market place of to a greater extent than 50 countries.

Production Innovations based on consumer insight has been a major forcefulness that energizes oraimo’s strategy. In a market place where lasting powerfulness has go a precedence for consumers, oraimo has ensured that all of her products cater to this urgent demand. Thus, coming together and surpassing the previously existing demands of the consumers and proffering solutions to smart accessory problems has so far been made like shooting fish in a barrel by oraimo.

For one, oraimo’s powerfulness bank can finally over years and has enjoyed word of rima oris publicity from many customers. The brand was also the first of all to launch a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbud in the market place. The FreePods 2 is unique and tuned by the legendary 2baba himself, which makes it revolutionary. Listening with the FreePods 2 gives the guaranty of a rich balance of base of operations and tenor all through the lifespan of the bud. The device comes with a 13mm massive speaker and deep bass, pro-sound character with affordable damage, dust and waterproof and Long battery for consumer needs.

Despite all these consumer durable, character, and innovative satisfying products, oraimo has made available to the market place at affordable prices, oraimo isn’t relenting nor relaxing from taking quantum leaps.

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