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NEWS UPDATE: Ondo, Ekiti residents groan over deplorable Akure/Ado highway

NEWS UPDATE: Ondo, Ekiti residents groan over deplorable Akure/Ado highway

Residents of Ondo and Ekiti states have berated both the Federal Authorities and the governments of both states over the sorry status of the highway linking both states.

According to motorists and other route users of the highway, the governments had been paying lip service to the reconstruction of the route with nil important happening.

The highway, which has continued to give motorists and residents nightmares, connects the working capital metropolis of both states, Akure and Ado-Ekiti.

Both Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti and his Ondo Province counterpart, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, had severally assured that the route, which had for long been in a naughty shape, had been marked for dualization with both governors inspecting the route a few months dorsum, a evolution which raised the hope of everyone.

DAILY POST had reported a few months agone, how the residents moved against the alleged lackadaisical mental attitude of the contractor towards the project 15 months after mobilization was said to have been paid by the regime for the dualization of the route.

Speaking on the province of the route, motorists lamented that the journeying betwixt Akure which used to be a 30-minute trip had get a journeying of shut to 2 hours.

According to the motorist who gave his proper name as Bamidele, sometimes, passengers would have to come up downward at some portions of the route before the vehicle can displace.

“Only God knows the variety of politics going on with this route. All these years, we were told that it would be fixed but it at present seems similar an eternity.

“Similar me, I work in Ado and live in Akure and I ply the route every weekend. You can imagine the agony I go through every daytime. The trip used to be just 30 minutes drive but at present it ranges betwixt one hr 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the atmospheric condition.

“Nearly every month, we do regard all these regime officials inspecting but their actions have not shown anything meaningful.”

Some other route user living at Isinigbo emphasised that it was ever a herculean task for residents of the community to create it to Akure and dorsum.

The route user, Titilayo Ogendengbe, stressed that taxis ever tried to avoid plying the axis because of the route patch the few ones doing it increased the fare.

“For us in this section of Akure Due north Local Authorities, we have resigned to our fate.

“To me, it is a mystery that a route in the province working capital would be left unattended to similar this. This is an eyesore, to say the to the lowest degree,” she said.

“You won’t fifty-fifty believe that anytime Governor Fayemi wants to utilisation the Akure Airport, he will take the Igbara-Odo, Igbara-Oke route to link Akure from Ado, a route that is much longer. They know that the route is gone.

“Anytime we want to go to town or come up dorsum home, it is ever a huge concern. We just hope something is done fast, we are just tired.”

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