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NEWS UPDATE: Ogun: Herdsmen abduct pregnant woman, two others, demand N30m ransom

NEWS UPDATE: Ogun: Herdsmen abduct pregnant woman, two others, demand N30m ransom

Suspected Fulani herdsmen were said to have kidnapped a pregnant adult female and 2 others in Ogun, demanding a ransom of N30 million.

DAILY POST gathered that the abductees were taken absent on Lord’s Day eventide along Igbo-Ora-Sokoto route, Abeokuta N Local Regime Area of Ogun Province.

The victims had paid a see to their friend who resides at Rounder area of Abeokuta, the province working capital.

A source informed that the kidnappers laid an ambush for 3 persons at an area known as Karigo, saying the pregnant adult female is in her 8th month.

According to him, the herdsmen had contacted the families of the victims on Tuesday, asking them to pay N10 million each for their release.

It was said that 2 other persons on the trip escaped when the kidnappers accosted them.

“We got information that at the abattoir in Rounda that kidnappers abducted 3 persons.

“The kidnappers did not ring directly but they called on Tuesday, asking for N10 million on each victim as ransom. There is a pregnant adult female amid them, who would before long give parturition,” the source said.

“It was gathered that the victims parked their machine because the route is poor, but patch trekking, they were ambushed by their kidnapers

“The abductees were 2 women and one man, identified as Baba Sandra.

“One of them is a thrift collector in the marketplace hither (Itoku marketplace ); one is a civil retainer but we don’t know where the other one works,” it was learnt.

“The spouse of the pregnant adult female was one of the 2 that escaped beingness kidnapped,” the source informed

Contacted, the Ogun constabulary spokesman, Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, has confirmed the incident.

Nevertheless nonetheless, Oyeyemi said the victims had organised a prayer session in the woods where they were captured.

“Since that real daytime, our people have been on their trail. In fact, patch I was discussing with the OC (Officer in-charge), they were still in the bush in that area trying to acquire all those people.

“But, our people should also be careful, they should halt organising prayers within the woods,” he said.

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