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NEWS UPDATE: NULGE land matter: Gov Ugwuanyi has demonstrated leadership – HURIWA

NEWS UPDATE: NULGE land matter: Gov Ugwuanyi has demonstrated leadership – HURIWA

Foremost and leading civil rights advocacy grouping Human Rights Writers Organization of Nigeria (HURIWA) has commended the Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi–led regime of Enugu Province for its determination to ensuring that justice, fairness and due physical process of governance is followed in carrying out its functions to protect the to the lowest degree people and the vulnerable ones in the society.

The compliment by HURIWA is sequel to the restoration of the dry land, plot P/23CA located in Independence Layout Enugu, allocated to the Nigeria Union of Local Authorities Employee (NULGE), Enugu Chapter in 2011 in line with Allotment Reference No. LEN 29329/4 of 21st Jan 2011, but was purportedly revoked by the instant yesteryear Commissioner for Lands; Mr. Victor Nnam without the governor’s approbation pursuant to the Dry land Exercise Human action.

HURIWA, in a press statement jointly signed by the National Coordinator; Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and National Media Affairs Manager; Zainab Yusuf, expressed immense gratitude to Gov. Ugwuanyi for his labour friendly programmes and immediate intervention in the NULGE dry land matter, which would have degenerated into crisis.

HURIWA quoted the remarks of the new Commissioner for Lands and Urban Evolution; Nnanyelugo Chidi Aroh, who, when members of NULGE in Enugu Province led by their National President; Comrade Ambali Hakeen Olatunji, trooped out in their numbers to the Authorities House, Enugu, on Thur, Nov 18, 2021 to give thanks Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi disclosed that on supposition of business office he was shocked to find, after thorough investigation, that the purported revocation of the NULGE dry land was done without the knowledge and approbation of the governor pursuant to the Dry land Exercise Human action.

“Your Excellency, you will recall that a few weeks agone, the Department of Province Service (DSS) knowing how much you have invested in terms of time, efforts and resources to ensure a peaceful Enugu Province had alerted you of a crisis that was brewing in the Province Ministry building of Lands and Urban Evolution over the purported revocation of Plot P23CA Independence Layout, Enugu belonging to Nigeria Union of Local Authorities Employees (NULGE).

“Your Excellency, as you were digesting this important study from a trusted partner in the security of the province, the DSS, members of the Enugu Province House of Assembly after their investigation farther alerted you of this crisis and the injustice that was done.

“Your Excellency, you ordered straight off a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances leading to this real large aberration in the physical process of your governance. After the whole investigation, it was clearly established that you (Ugwuanyi) did not fifty-fifty know neither was your permission and approbation sought in line with the requirements of the Dry land Exercise Human action before the revocation was done.

“When you called for this file on my supposition of business office, we did a finish review and we discovered that fifty-fifty the processes of revocation were not fifty-fifty contained in this file which was a deliberate physical process to ensure that not fifty-fifty the staff of the Ministry building of Lands and Urban Evolution could regard this and alert you.

“So it was the fact that you didn’t have knowledge of this that allowed this matter drag to this extent. Your Excellency, in your determination to ensure that justice, due physical process and the physical process of governance protect the to the lowest degree people of the province, you directed straight off that we should contrary this purported revocation.” HURIWA quoted Hon. Arohas saying.

The Rights Grouping went farther to appreciate Gov. Ugwuanyi for his courageous spirit in restoring the dry land to NULGE, stating that some leaders would not take such choice because of pride.

According to the grouping; “Governor Ugwuanyi stands out tall to be a man who believes in justice, who believes in fairness, who believes that what is right is right and has asserted say-so because the people of Enugu province have only one governor. One or 10 Commissioners are not upwardly to a governor, so, a governor is a governor and His Excellency has demonstrated that he is in charge.”

Recalling that Gov. Ugwuanyi had displayed similar back up and solidarity with NULGE during the LG Autonomy rally, pointing out that such disposition was a proof that the governor believes strongly in the struggle and betterment of rural dwellers in specific and Nigeria in full general, HURIWA described Gov. Ugwuanyi as “the most labour-friendly governor in Nigeria” and “the ray of hope in the S East”.

“His Excellency, Governor Ugwuanyi believes in his people, he believes in the betterment of rural dwellers, he believes in a superior Nigeria and most importantly, he believes that there must be character education, character healthcare delivery system, good route network, potable body of water provide to the rural dwellers because that is the basis and pillar of governance,” HURIWA said.

On the one paw, HURIWA labelled NULGE a responsible and responsive Union for avoiding confrontation and resorting to civil approach through by reporting to the security agencies considering the current fragile security environs in the S East.

In conclusion, HURIWA called to brain that despite what appears to be a voluntary resignation, Dr. Victor Nnam; former Commissioner of Lands and Urban Evolution in Enugu Province has been under serious criticisms from groups and individuals accusing him of existence arrogant, unfriendly and corrupt amidst other things.

“In successive reaction to the word of his resignation, some regime agencies, organised labour unions and others have criticised the former commissioner who resigned his place vide a letter of the alphabet dated 29th Oct 2021, attributing his choice to quit to the recent alleged removal of the professional person heads of departments under him in a punitive ground for simply doing their jobs diligently”.

HURIWA said findings demonstrate that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi did not interfere with the administration of the Ministry building of Lands but he reportedly stepped in when a groundswell of complaints against the quondam Commissioner became overbearing regarding allegations of corruption in dry land registration just as the rights grouping said it has found out that the current staffing at the Enugu Province Ministry building of Lands are made upwardly of top notch professionals.

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