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NEWS UPDATE: NUJ condemns EFCC invasion of journalist’s home in Abia

NEWS UPDATE: NUJ condemns EFCC invasion of journalist’s home in Abia

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Abia Province Council, has famous with dismay and deep sense of sadness the unwarranted invasion of the residence of her fellow member, Norah Okafor by the operatives of the Economical and Financial Offense Commission (EFCC) who were on manhunt of internet fraudsters, popularly known as “yahoo boys”.

It was gathered that the Port Harcourt zone of the Nigeria anti corruption agency had on quarta-feira, 22nd daytime of September, 2021, hooded in relation to 21 people on a sting surgical operation in Umuahia, the Abia province working capital, bursting into the Journalist’s flat in the dead of the dark, after disconnecting the wire used to electrify the fence, scaled the wall and broke the gate key to gain unfettered access into the building.

Reacting, the NUJ Abia Council, in a press release by the Chairman, Comrade Victor Ndukwe and issued to newsmen in Umuahia, on Saturday, condemned in totality the midnight invasion of Norah’s residence which according to the body, amounted to a brazen violation of her fundamental human rights, a bare display and awfully wrong application of powerfulness by the EFCC.

The NUJ demanded an instant unreserved apology from the EFCC for this inexplicable wrong mission and remedy for all damages.

The Abia body posited that this Gestapo-style invasion by the EFCC operatives was shy of due diligence and betrays the agency’s claim that it arrested in relation to 21 suspected Yahoo boys in Umuahia during that surgical operation without whatsoever incident because it was preceded by due diligence and verified intelligence.

According to the body, “Nil could be farther from the truth. You can’t subject an harmless and a decent citizen to such horrifying, life-shortening, unforgettable experience and claim to have carried out due diligence based on splendid intelligence.

“It is common knowledge that in every of this sort of EFCC surgical operation, nay whatsoever other security arm in Nigeria, is fraught with visiting a really high grade of both mental and physical torture on their targets who, often times are harmless, as exemplified in the instance of Norah”.

It reminded EFCC that it was this cast of brutality visited on Nigerians, particularly the youths and harmless, that birthed the nationwide ENDSARS protestation, and cannot forget the dire consequences in a hurry.

The NUJ farther stressed, “It is trite that no society is without criminal elements. But in hunting downwards these criminal elements, the security agents must, as a matter of the rules of engagement, employ utmost discretion and apply high grade of caution in tracking their targets as invading the homes of the harmless constitutes the worst cast of violation of the fundamental human rights of citizens.

“In this digital age, it is high time the EFCC reviewed its modus operandi by deploying engineering in its operations of tracking suspects, to terminate its fixed picking on wrong targets and subjecting harmless citizens to untold torture and national embarrassment, “the body added.

The Abia NUJ release partly stated, “Norah’s account of the incident depicts a horror scene from a smasher business office box not fifty-fifty seen in security operations against the dreaded drug czars of Columbia.

“After subjecting the poor lady and other occupants of the building to over 2 hours of gruelling physical stress, emotional trauma and devastation of their properties in the proper name of searching for non-existent incriminating evidence, the operatives declared “we have just wasted our time.

“The statement, in clear linguistic communication, is a wholehearted, voluntary face and admission of a disastrous omission of a mission; that they were in in the wrong location clearly for the wrong reason and at the wrong time. This leaves a sour gustatory modality in the oral fissure, to say the to the lowest degree.”

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