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NEWS UPDATE: Northern children in danger if we continue in the old order – Governor Masari

NEWS UPDATE: Northern children in danger if we continue in the old order – Governor Masari

Governor Aminu Bello Masari of. Katsina Province, has said that danger looms for northern children whether northerners neglect to wake upwards from their slumber.

According to Governor Masari, the lifestyle of citizens from the part coupled with the looming population explosion is bound to escalate the plight of children in the area whether nil is done urgently.

Patch drawing comparing with their southern counterparts, using 2 key demographic variables, matrimony and parturition rate, Masari said in relation to 80 per cent of men in the S stick to one married woman patch the same pct of men in the due north wed 2 to 4 wives.

Governor Masari made the remarks patch declaring open the “Katsina Futurity Summit” organised by a coalition of non-governmental organisations known as “Preserve Katsina Grouping” to orchestrate a dependable time to come for people of the province.

Similarly, according to the Governor, the average number of children a individual from the S is likely to have is 3 patch the average in the due north is in relation to nine.

Consequent upon this, Governor Masari warned that to go on walloping in the old enjoin may worsen the living measure of people from the due north, especially children and by implication, the entire land.

To that effect, Masari is calling on his fellow northerners to ascension upwards to seek and apply the required knowledge to tame the menace of the looming population explosion.

“In 1987, when Katsina was created, the population was in relation to 3.8 million. How many years nowadays, we are talking in relation to 8 million.

“That ground of Katsina that was 500 years agone is still the same ground. It has not increased in size but has increased in population.

“So, how do we conquer the state of affairs, accommodate ourselves, our time to come children and grandchildren without the requisite educational knowledge?

“Gentlemen, we demand to sit down upwards. The challenges of the time to come with population explosion and with the character and nature of Hausa man which is totally different from the civilization and traditions of our southern partners.

“What is the average of a individual per shaver whether you go to Lagos and other southern parts? It is an average of 3 to 1.
What is the average hither in the Northwest, Northeast and others? A adult female gives parturition to the average of 9 hither in the N.

“What is the average age of matrimony? 80% wed one married woman in the S patch in the N, 80% percent wed from 2 to 4. Multiply the numbers and consider for yourself.

“Whether we go on in this way evidently out of school children and abandoned children are going to be much to a greater extent,” Governor Masari queried.

In the same vein, Masari farther admonished youths to “work rattling tough against the menace of drugs and other intoxicants” which he said is one of the major factors fuelling banditry in the due north.

“Everyone of us, we owe a debt to the society that we come up from: to the villages, to the communities, to the houses, to the families and fifty-fifty to ourselves.

“The society belongs to all of us. Leadership is in relation to the wisdom of the old and the free energy of the youths blended together that is what makes a rattling good progressive, enterprising, developmental community or society.

“What is fuelling banditry in our communities? What is fuelling criminality in our communities? We must stand up upwards against the evil criminality of drugs
From the experience we have gathered within the in conclusion 6 years, we have seen the role of drugs influencing some of these naughty behaviours and actions to the youths. We must work rattling tough against the misuse of drugs and other intoxicants,” Governor Masari added

The Coordinator of Preserve Katsina Grouping in the province, Comrade Hamza Umar Saulawa speaking with Journalists at the 2 days summit, held at the province’s Local Regime Service Commission’s Conference Corridor said the summit was necessitated by the alien challenges the province is currently experiencing.

“We decided to come up upwards with the summit after a long brainstorming give-and-take and identification of problems.

“You know Katsina is one of the true pillars in Nigeria when it comes to education, hospitality, peace and security.
But unfortunately, for some duet of years at present, we’re at the dorsum. That’s why we say allow us all come up together and place the problems, where and how it started.”

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