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NEWS UPDATE: Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho should be decisively dealt with – Arewa youths back Buhari

NEWS UPDATE: Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho should be decisively dealt with – Arewa youths back Buhari

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, has said those agitating for Nigeria’s disintegration should be decisively dealt with.

Yerima Shettima, National President of the AYCF, made the comment piece backing President Muhammadu Buhari’s choice to deal with agitators similar Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and Lord’s Day Igboho.

Buhari had issued the threat during his speech to score Nigeria’s 61st Independence Daytime anniversary.

The President had vowed to go after violent agitators similar Kanu and Igboho, who threaten

the cooperate existence of Nigeria.

Nevertheless nonetheless, speaking exclusively with DAILY POST, Shettima said those whose agitations are endangering the lives of Nigerians should be dealt with in line with Buhari’s directive.

He described Kanu as a blind man who is leading IPOB into a expiry trap.

Faulting the violent approach of IPOB, Shettima pointed out that the Motion for the Actualization of the Sovereign Province of Biafra, MASSOB, go in relation to their agitation peacefully without endangering the lives of Nigerians.

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FGAccording to Shettima: “All of us are victims of the society nowadays in one way or the other, so whether, something goes wrong, you don’t have to acquit abnormal. When you seem at the state of affairs on ground and think the only way out is to go violent at the expense of people’s lives, and then such agitation is not worth it.

“Yes, sure things went wrong and we also, in Northern section of the country have suffered the same job. In fact, we have fifty-fifty suffered to a greater extent than where the agitation is coming from.

“Can the state of affairs nowadays in the Northwest or Northeast be compared to the realities in the Southwest and Southeast? The reply is no. For over 2 decades at present, we have been suffering from one problem to some other. From poverty to marginalization to deprivation and so on. Fifty-fifty at that, we never deemed it essential to take upwardly arms against the province; so, no matter how you seem at it, their approaches are wrong.

“Don’t we have other groups agitating, similar MASSOB? Do you reckon MASSOB endangering the lives of harmless citizens of the Southeast? The reply is no. Was it not from MASSOB IPOB broke out and is led by that blind man who puts the lives of people in danger? MASSOB goes in relation to their demands which are really genuine by their thinking and feeling.

“MASSOB has said she really believes that the Southeast is beingness marginalized and whether Nigeria can address some of this injustice meted on them, they are willing to come up dorsum and build the country. Nevertheless nonetheless, the IPOB’s approach by this their blind leader who is leading them to expiry zone is wrong, and 2 wrongs can not create a right.

“Looking at this state of affairs, you can’t solve problems with problems. We have faith in the country despite the shortcomings. We believe some days we will turn things around instead of balkanizing the country in the proper noun of agitation. Most of those agitators are immature elements who should come up together and build a synergy within themselves that would fighting against those oppressing them.

“Anybody found disobeying the law of the terra firma should be dealt with decisively; nobody is higher up the law. Whether you balkanize the country, where will you go to? You can’t be an American citizen, you will still remain a Nigerian. Whether you balkanize hither, where will you run to? You are a refugee anywhere you run to.

“We suffered during the state of war and we can’t go dorsum there once again. Whether there is a way we can amend what happened in the past times to ensure that the state of war never happened, we would have done that. It has happened and all we demand at present is to forgive ourselves and displace forward. We can’t go on to reverberate on that and look to create progress.

“Everybody suffered for that, so is that where they want us to homecoming to at present that there is arms proliferation? We can’t last a moment state of war, so Nigerians must learn to remain together. We can agitate without endangering the life of anybody.

“The statement coming from the president shows he is a leader and people should know that we are not in Banana Republic. I’m not an advocate of the president, neither am I in the authorities but a victim of the society and I direct a grouping of people who are already victims.”

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