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NEWS UPDATE: Nigeria insecurity: Buhari’s fight bias, terrorists enjoying immunity – Festus Ogun

NEWS UPDATE: Nigeria insecurity: Buhari’s fight bias, terrorists enjoying immunity – Festus Ogun

Activist legal counselor, Festus Ogun has chastised President Muhammadu Buhari’s battle against fear based oppressors unleashing ruin in Nigeria.

Ogun assailed the central government for delivering data about the “supports” of Yoruba Nation fomenter, Sunday Igboho, while keeping up with quietness on illegal intimidation funders.

Real name Sunday Adeyemo, otherwise called Igboho remains in the custody of the Beninese government since his capture in July subsequent to escaping Nigeria.

In a meeting with DAILY POST, Ogun blamed the Buhari organization for following just separatists while desperados and fear mongers hold influence in some North-East and North-West communities.

He said uncovering Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu’s supposed patrons while giving reasons why Boko Haram supports can’t be uncovered “calls to scrutinize the earnestness of the Buhari system to thoroughly flush out terrorism”.

The Principal Partner of Festus Ogun Legal noticed that Buhari’s “particularity” in tending to security challenges along ethnic lines shows he is plainly not intrigued by Nigeria’s tranquility and security.

“Why should genuine psychological militants appreciate official insusceptibility to the detriment of public safety? President Buhari is uneven and nepotistic in the battle against terror.

“He approaches fear mongers from his locale like a child and fiercely slips with total surrender on political dissidents from different pieces of the country especially the South.

“This system finds each legitimization for the guiltiness of Boko Haram psychological oppressors, herders and scoundrels however would rush to cinch down on activists and severance fomenters. This is condemnable and hostile to corporate existence.

“The President should be told in clear terms that his thoughtful standpoint towards Boko Haram individuals is the very explanation the savageries we witness every day are probably not going to end any time soon.

“President Buhari’s particular battle against psychological warfare is unequipped for delivering any productive outcome. The mentality of the President encourages and gives desire to the genuine terrorists.”

The TakeItBack Movement Legal Adviser cautioned that if the Nigerian chief supports his present point of view, that the very destiny that occured for the battle against debasement might come to pass for the conflict against terror.

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