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NEWS UPDATE: National Assembly Clerk woos African parliamentarians to patronise Nigeria’s products

NEWS UPDATE: National Assembly Clerk woos African parliamentarians to patronise Nigeria’s products

As the 51st conference of Commonwealth Parliamentary Organization (CPA), Africa part comes to a shut in Abuja, the Receptionist to the National Assembly of Nigeria (CNA), Arc. Ojo Olatunde Amos, has beckoned on parliamentarians and delegates across Africa, to patronise local products of the Nigerian people.

The CPA conference which lasted for one week in Abuja, was used as an avenue to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the economies of Members Province, as good as the inclusion of women and youths in active politics, amongst other things.

Aside from the social interactions and brainstorming on possible ways to reinvigorate the economic system of participating nations in a post-COVID-19 era; the conference was also used to showcase the many cultural deposits of Nigeria, with the view to provoking investments.

Arc. Amos, during the closing session of the 51st conference yesterday, praised Nigeria as not only a giant of Africa, but also rich in civilisation and local delicacies, which he said other countries would similar to patronise.

He said, despite the diversities in religions and tribes, the cultural heritage of Nigeria was also section of her God-given strength and blessings.

“As you know, Nigeria is a real large country, in fact it is not for nil that we are tagged the ‘giant of Africa’. In spite of glaring challenges that face us as a country, our unity is not compromisable nor negotiable.

“Our various various cultures are indeed great blessings that the Almighty has endowed us with. I will say clearly hither that Nigerians are real proud of their cultural attributes.

“On the lighter mood our country is flowered incredibly with great delicacies that can compete with others from anywhere in the world. Our Dark Soup, Pounded Yam and Egusi soup, Bitter Foliage Soup, Plantain and Owho, Starch and Banga, Edikankong, Tuwo Masses, etc are simply unbeatable…”, the CNA said.

Speaking on the role of Nigeria in the Society for Clerks-At-The-Tabular array (SoCATT), Amos appreciated the Africa part of CPA for entrusting the country with much responsibilities.

He said, “I am proud to notation that Nigeria was involved in the establishment of SoCATT in Accra, Republic of Ghana. During the maiden coming together, we were honoured with the place of Vice-Chairmanship of the society. Afterward, Nigeria became regional representative for Westward Africa upwardly to and until this coming together. We appreciate your recognition and do not take it for granted”.

Arc. Amos assured the SoCATT, Africa part, that Nigeria’s department, under his view, shall fully participate in all activities of the society.

“We are presently challenged with inadequate resources. Nevertheless nonetheless, as presently as we stabilize in terms of resources, we shall partner with the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, Abuja as good as the Steering Commission of SoCATT, to host the Parliamentary Evolution Seminar (PDS) for Officials of Parliament across Commonwealth Africa”, Amos added.

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