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NEWS UPDATE: Miyetti Allah blasts northern govs, emirs over Kaduna meeting, silence on herders crisis

NEWS UPDATE: Miyetti Allah blasts northern govs, emirs over Kaduna meeting, silence on herders crisis

The Bauchi Province chapter of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore on quarta-feira took a swipe at the Northern Governors Forum and Emirs over their stance on powerfulness shift in 2023 but showed a lackadaisical mental attitude towards the predicaments of the Fulani tribe in the country.

The chairman of the organization, Muhammad Hussaini, lamented that the Kaduna coming together failed to take into cognizance the humiliation that herders are subjected to on grazing reserves in the Southern parts of the country, particularly by powers that are infringing on their rights of motion and organization.

Speaking with journalists in Bauchi at the cease of the herders coming together to review treatments beingness meted to their kinsmen in the S, Hussaini said it was disheartening that the governors and emirs, who were representatives, met to discuss issues affecting the part, without deliberating on the plight of Fulani herders.

He said Fulani herders, who were searching for greener pasture for their animals, were beingness humiliated, maimed and fifty-fifty killed outright in the southern parts of the country, piece their movements are beingness restricted in their Due north opposite to the provisions of the Nigerian Structure.

He expressed surprise that the northern governors and emirs could only bother themselves in relation to political issues such as powerfulness shift betwixt the country’s regions to the detriment of the lives of their people or subjects.

“Instead of the Northern governors showing concern to the forms of handling or copulation on herders by the Southern governors, they simply sat and discussed issues of personal vendetta without recourse to the people they governed.

“For this, we condemn in totality the Northern Governors Forum coming together with Emirs in attendance. They sat to discuss their self-aggrandize motives leveraging on ways and agency to enrich themselves to the impairment of the people,” Hussaini said.

He added that the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Regime was not helping matters on issues affecting the Fulani, particularly the nomadic herders, who he said were only preoccupies by looking for greener pastures for their animals.

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