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NEWS UPDATE: Missing journalist, Tordue Salem found dead

NEWS UPDATE: Missing journalist, Tordue Salem found dead

The lost Vanguard reporter, Mr Tordue Salem has been found dead in Abuja.

This was fifty-fifty as the Law reportedly arrested a man who posed as kidnapper in an endeavour to extort money from the belatedly journalist’s household.

Details of recovery of his remains haven’t been released as at Thur even.

The belatedly Benue born journalist was roofing the lower legislative Chamber of the National Assembly until he was in conclusion seen on quarta-feira, 13th Oct, 2021.

After he closed from work, he was said to have left in a public cab for B.J’s garden with a female relative situated shut to Total filling station, opposite Strength headquarters.

From the garden, he reportedly flagged a cab for the lady who left before him, informing her that he was going to Area 8, Garki. But he was never seen until his remains were recovered on Thur.

According to Vanguard, the Law Intelligence Response Squad, IRT swung into activity on 16th Oct after the matter was reported to it in relation to the mysterious lost of the belatedly Tordue.

It was reported that a suspect, who was identified as Prince Enyenihi, 25 was arrested in an endeavour to extort the household and others who were not named right away.

The suspect identified as Prince Enyenihi, 25, contacted Mrs Salem on Oct 26, 2021, via a text message with a concealed number, requesting for N100 million ransom, to be paid as ransom for her spouse’s release. Division of the text message read: “whether you don’t pay, Tordue will be killed in 7 days. For to a greater extent information, call up this number.” The text message also contained an account number the money should be paid into.

This was followed by a call up with a concealed number to Salem’s married woman the next daytime,. Mrs Salem requested to speak with her spouse, to ascertain he was alive before negotiation would begin. But the caller gave the phone to someone who tried to play along.

When she noticed that the phonation did not sound similar her spouse’s, she asked the stranger to refer the proper name of their girl and her childbirth date, a inquiry that met dead quiet at the other terminate.

Same even, some other call up with a concealed number was received by Mrs Salem, requesting to know whether her spouse had been released. The confused adult female was said to have requested why the caller had his number concealed.

On Oct 27, some other text came on a volume text message platform, ordering the household to pay the N100 million ransom before the next daytime, failure of which they would kill Salem.

The Law swung into activity foremost, by de-encrypting the number that called and traced its possessor to a lady in Port Harcourt, Rivers Province.

Notwithstanding, during interrogation, the lady who owns Delight Skin Tending denied culpability, stating rather, that a specific number had been calling her line since Oct 26, 2021.

Security Operatives upon checks discovered that the number was same with that used to contact Mrs Salem, which Prince Enyenihi was finally arrested on 5th Nov, 2021.

Preliminary investigation by security operatives indicated that Prince Enyenihi was the next door neighbour to the beautician.

During interrogation, he disclosed that he got information of Vanguard reporter’s disappearance on a flyer that went viral on social media, which had the number of Mrs Salem as the contact individual to study to whether found.

The suspect farther stated that he sent the text messages without the knowledge of his female vecino, adding that he got his vecino’s telephone number and account details from her Facebook page.

He said, “I knew the household wouldn’t pay the money. I used the possessor of Delight beauty skin aid ‘s account details in say to punish her for ever talking to me anyhow.”

The Law couldn’t be reached right away.

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