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NEWS UPDATE: Mental illness increasing in Calabar – Psychiatrist

NEWS UPDATE: Mental illness increasing in Calabar – Psychiatrist

The principal psychologist at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Infirmary Calabar, Dr. Eyo Asuquo, has disclosed that there is increasing number of psychiatric patients arriving at their facility in recent times.

In an interview with DAILY POST, he adduced the reason to increasing abuse of tough drugs such as Tramadol, Nicotine, Cannabis, Indian hemp as good as high intake of alcohol by victims.

There are 93 of such patients who are accommodated in the 7 wards of the infirmary.

Asuquo said: “As a outcome of the increment in the number of mental cases in Calabar and nearby cities an emergency ward was created to get them.

“We have 7 wards that accommodate different levels of psychiatric disorders. We have multi-disciplinary approach to their handling.”

Asuquo said they take time to attend to private cases and do discharge those whose conditions got superior than when they were admitted regularly.

He explained that the rates of recovery differ from one patient to some other depending on the level of their disorder but that fifty-fifty as they discharge them oft, they encourage the inmates to hold to appointments date with them.

He expressed gratitude to the federal authorities for restoring and re-equipping the facility superior than when Cease SARS protestation devastated it lastly twelvemonth Oct.

Some other personnel, Ben Osim also disclosed that patients are brought in from all over the province including neighbouring ones.

Exception of Wednesdays, clinics are held every other official working daytime, said Osim.

“Presently, the facility is functioning as it should be. Patients are brought in really regularly from parts of the province and exterior. We have our experts who attend to them every working daytime apart from quarta-feira.”

Some other staff said though the infirmary is doing really good but that jeopardy pay due them approved by authorities was 40% but only 10% has been paid.

An independent see to the infirmary confirmed the aesthetics and neatness and promptitude of staffers.

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