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NEWS UPDATE: Lagos govt reacts to report third mainland bridge shaking

NEWS UPDATE: Lagos govt reacts to report third mainland bridge shaking

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mr Olukayode Popoola, on Monday reassured the public that the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos is structurally okay and safe for exercise.

Popoola, in an interview with the Tidings Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, urged Nigerians to disregard rumours that the bridge was shaking, as speculated on social media.

He said a video beingness used to spread fright on social media is the same one beingness recycled every yr for the past times 5 years to cause panic, adding that, the portion in the video had long been fixed.

He appealed to people who specialise in causing panic to turn a new leafage and halt causing confusion in the province.

Popoola recalled that the Federal Regime lately completed the replacement of 12 expansion joints on top of the bridge before in Feb 2021 and rehabilitation works underneath the bridge was ongoing.

He said the massive repairs carried out on top of the bridge before in the yr represented only 10 per cent of the contract, patch underwater repairs account for 90 per cent of the projection.

Popoola said the Third Mainland Bridge is real important to the federal authorities hence, the additional attending accorded the bridge which links the commercial hub on the Isle in the province.

“I have gone on Third Mainland Bridge nowadays and have gone circular the bridge and there is nil similar that poor portion beingness circulated.

“I want to position the tape straight, this is not the firstly time such rumours would be going circular, it started in relation to 5 years agone that somebody would just wake upward and post this same video on social media and so people begin passing it and so cause panic to route users.

“I want to guarantee all residents of Lagos and route users that there is no job with Third Mainland Bridge, it is safe and still comfortable,” he said.

The controller farther stated that the bridge is important to the country “so federal authorities cannot afford to allow anything happen to it”.

He said that underwater repairs which include replacement of piers, shafts and pile caps was in relation to 20 per cent completed and the work does not bear upon the motion of vehicles on top of the bridge.

The controller added that the bridge was constantly receiving routine attending in improver to other bridges under various levels of rehabilitation in the province.

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